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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Paste from a chicken liver
Паштет из куриной печениMany mothers, especially school students, face a problem how to feed with a breakfast the beloved child if it very much pereborchiv in food. Or what to put to the husband on having a snack for work? There is one tasty option which is pleasant to both adults, and children is a house paste from a chicken liver. It is quite simple to train him, and in the refrigerator never lies too long.
How to pickle champignons
Как мариновать шампиньоныPreparation of konservation for the winter is the integral component of life of each skilled hostess. To roll up cucumbers and tomatoes, to prepare tasty letcho, to cook jam and compote – grandiose work which fruits will please a family in a cold season.
Useful properties of raisin
Полезные свойства изюмаPeople throughout all the life seek to find control over all spheres of life, but one after all is not subject to them: to remain forever young and healthy.
Quick pizza
Пицца на скорую рукуToday it is probably difficult to find the hostess who was not able to do pizza. There is a great variety of recipes of this dish which became to one of the most popular delicacies on the planet. Its history totals here more than 500 years, but, despite solid age, the list of ways of preparation of pizza is replenished every year.
How to prepare eggplants
Как приготовить баклажаныPutting the most ordinary ingredients on use, it is possible to create magnificent dishes for which at restaurants from you will take a round sum … And if to reflect why in "decent" places sometimes the most pretentious food costs unfairly much? It is all about the giving. How the dish often looks determines its cost, its popularity and even its taste!
Useful properties of sesame
Полезные свойства кунжутаSesame in a different way still is called to seza, and it came to us from antiquity where not only it was eaten, but also was mysterious ingredient in many magic rituals. Today these tasty kernels use generally in cookery and traditional medicine.
The recipe of the baked fish
Рецепт запеченной рыбыToday the culinary world literally bursts with various recipes. Each hostess can find for herself the dish suitable on the caloric content, cost and tastes. Fish dishes deserve separate attention.
Useful properties of red caviar
Полезные свойства красной икрыToday it is difficult to present a holiday table on which there would be no various red caviar dishes are salads and sandwiches, pancakes, the stuffed eggs and many other things. It is irreplaceable and at decoration of festive dishes, after all kernels of red caviar remind beads and shine as precious stones, adding additional nobility to any culinary delicacy.
Advantage and harm of salt
Польза и вред солиDisputes on that, salt is harmful or useful, some decades do not cease here. Hostesses stand up for that without salt a dish fresh, and doctors insist that a salt surplus – a direct way to many diseases. But all praises and discontent in relation to salt are how fair, let's understand together with
Advantage of sea cabbage
Польза морской капусты offers the readers information on edible seaweed of a laminaria. It belongs to the big class of brown seaweed, contains many various nutrients. In medicine we will also tell about its structure, properties, application, useful to health of the person.
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