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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Maintenance of dwarfish rabbits
Содержание карликовых кроликовVery soon there will come New year, and on east calendar (in different versions) it is year of a cat, hare and rabbit. And if suddenly in the light of east trends you were visited by thought to make to itself the big-eared friend, it will be useful to learn about some parties of the maintenance of dwarfish rabbits.
Kogtetochka for cats the hands
Когтеточка для кошек своими рукамиHaving got a pet, except pure pleasure its society we get also the mass of duties, and at times and problems. One of them is well familiar to all without exception to owners of cats – the spoiled furniture, wall-paper, an upholstery … cats, you see sharpen claws. Also do it, since the earliest age and throughout all life.
How to choose a dog
Как выбрать собакуDog – the friend of the person. A dog – one of the first animals tamed by the person, his immemorial satellite and the assistant, an embodiment of devotion and unconditional love. "Buy a puppy, and you will get the most devoted love on light", – Rudyard Kipling wrote. will tell you in this article about by what reasons it is necessary to be guided in a choice.
Choice and feeding of a kitten
Выбор и кормление котенкаSo, you want to get a kitten, but do not know with what to begin. At first you need to choose, whether there will be your kitten the thoroughbred aristocrat or a simple domestic cat. The kitten is capable to bring big joy and happiness as the irrepressible temper it will begin to bother and amuse all your family to your house.
Cats: castration and sterilization
Кошки: кастрация и стерилизацияAny who gets to himself a cat or a cat, faces a reproduction problem sooner or later. Why with a problem? Because often process cat's techek pours out in tags, shouts, a tear on part of furniture and all improvised subjects, and for owners of female individuals then a main goal for the next months there is a pristroystvo of kittens.
Than and as it is correct to feed a cat
Чем и как правильно кормить кошкуHaving brought to the house a soft fluffy being from family cat's, all of us reflect how to make so that this lovely creature lived together with us long, rich and full-fledged life. Achievement of this purpose depends on many factors, and among them one of the major is correctly organized power supply system of your cat.
How to get rid of fleas
Как избавиться от блохBefore moving on a new residence I had not to meet fleas. In the middle of July after awakening I noticed standing the red itching points. Did not attach special significance, having dumped stings on mosquitoes. In the evening the legend with mosquitoes lost the relevance: members of my family including I, underwent attack from fleas.
Turtles: contents and leaving
Черепахи: содержание и уходBuying a turtle, it is necessary to understand, first of all that this living being, but not simply amusing toy for children. Turtles are not really beautiful, are not able to caress or play, but it does not mean that with them it is possible to treat or not to feed roughly many days. It is necessary to look after a turtle, as well as any pet.
Education of a cat
Воспитание кошкиCat – very clever being. Sometimes there is even an impression that she understands the human speech. Actually it not absolutely so – cats read out intonation and mood of the hostess. Once again we will repeat: cats, as well as small children, perceive not THAT is told and AS it is told therefore with cats it is necessary to be sincere – if you wish to be correctly understood, of course.
Cats: choice and care of them
Кошки: выбор и уход за нимиCat – perhaps, the most mystical pet. Still ancient Egyptians esteemed her as an embodiment of the goddess of pleasure, pleasures more cheerfully. In the Middle Ages of cats on the contrary, pursued – allegedly for communication with evil spirit. So, you decided to get a cat. If there is an opportunity before bringing a kitten to the house, it is necessary to discuss this question with all inhabitants of the apartment.
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