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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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How to learn to float, part 2 Exercises
Как научиться плавать, часть 2In last part we considered exercises which help to overcome fear of water and are the first step to an ovladevaniye skill of swimming. In this article we will learn to seize various methods of swimming. At first we will study one simplest style from which you will make a start when studying other, already more difficult.
How to learn to float, part 1 Exercises
Как научиться плавать, часть 1For certain many of you experience difficulties in attempt to learn to float. Perhaps, you are afraid of something to drown, for example, or simply at you it is impossible to accustom on water in any way. Because of it you very often lose such wonderful opportunity: in hot summer day to plunge into water. Today will try to help to break to you one more your vital barrier.
We choose a skateboard Sports goods
Выбираем скейтбордSkateboard choice – business absolutely not difficult, but it is necessary to approach it seriously, depends on it, your board, and, perhaps, and your health how many will hold on. Now in shops such variety a board equipment is presented that eyes run up. Each skateboarder chooses for himself certain firms.
We choose tourist tent Sports goods
Выбираем туристическую палаткуNow more and more popular is such pastime as campaigns. With friends or with a family, with expeditions … But anyway it is necessary to be protected from such "delights" of weather? as rain, snow, hail. And if you go with spending the night, definitely not to do without tent. As to choose tent so that it served to you for many years?
As it is correct to run Exercises
Как правильно бегатьAs soon as the person started moving away by nature then he had various problems connected with decrease in physical activity: excess weight, violation of a blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. The lack of the movement is one of the best ways to compensate run. How is correct to run will tell in this article.
Exercises for a press Exercises
Упражнения для прессаTo have the beautiful and tightened belt – dream of each woman, however, it concerns also many men. So, today, as you already guessed, will be told about uprazhneniyadlya by the press who will help to make your stomach beautiful and tightened.
Flat stomach - how to clean the superfluous Exercises
Плоский живот - как убрать лишнееIn every spring we spend long painful minutes in front of the mirror. We get up sideways, we straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, holding the breath, we extend a neck, we raise a chin. And the head is visited by treacherous thoughts: "Here not to breathe absolutely" or "As if to make here to clean also here to steam of centimeters".
Sphere choice for bowling Sports goods
Выбор шара для боулингаAs well as in the majority of games, in a game basis in bowling the sphere is put. The sphere for game in bowling has a number of features. The majority of you, I believe, guessed about what the speech will go.
How to choose a racetrack Sports goods
Как выбрать беговую дорожкуRacetracks habitually carry to cardiovascular machines. And they really at the correct use allow to improve a condition of cardiovascular system, to increase endurance of an organism in general. Besides, occupations on a racetrack – a good way to lose some extra kilos.
In total about alpine skiing clothes Winter types
Всё о горнолыжной одеждеFor good pastime in a ski resort you need convenient and warm clothes. Before departure to the resort beforehand pick up for yourself all necessary clothes. If you the beginner in this case, for certain it is necessary to buy a set of alpine skiing clothes.
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