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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How competently to pay compliments Psychology of the relations
Как грамотно говорить комплиментыMuch of us very much like to see how relatives, friends and acquaintances arrive according to our representations. We usually pay to such people compliments. Your ability sincerely to pay compliments, will help with communications with all people to reach mutual sympathy, at work will give chance to establish relations with employees, will lead to success in career!
How to learn not to redden Psychology of the personality
Как научиться не краснетьAs often some people suffer from that at the slightest pretext and without cause redden. Of course, completely to exclude such specific reaction of vessels to external irritants which, quite possibly, is hereditary, it is impossible, however to teach quite reduce extent of its manifestation of can.
Resolution of conflicts in public transport Psychology of the relations
Разрешение конфликтов в общественном транспортеAcceleration of rate of life, led to that any, even the most insignificant conflict, is perceived by us against the general nevrotization as an event outstanding. It seems that around there are many people who try to irritate us. How to protect itself from nervous overloads in similar circumstances?
Mother and the daughter – problems in the relations Psychology of the relations
Мать и дочь – проблемы в отношенияхPsychologists claim that all negative situations in our life will surely leave the mark in mature life. Without noticing that, maturing, we turn into the mothers. Also we make the same mistakes in relation to our daughters. Because of what there are problems in the relations between materm and their daughters?
Power and psychological health Psychology of the personality
Энергетика и психологическое здоровьеThe power body (plasma) depending on the force supports on a certain distance limits of a physical body. Trying to leave a condition of apathy by means of tablets, we only ruin our power body. Though there is a mass of natural ways to increase power and as a result psychological health. Let's deal with some of them.
Unconscious, I know you! Psychology of the personality
Бессознательное, я тебя знаю!Psychoanalysis helps us to understand much more deeply the nature of the personality, unconscious desires. The theory of psychoanalysis is very difficult, each follower of Freud stated the point of view about structure of human reason. It is enough to know some bases of work of our timid friend "unconscious". Let's try to deal with some of them.
How to deserve respect for itself Psychology of the personality
Как заслужить уважение к себеAll know that at schools and the subsequent educational institutions like to scoff at something the allocated people, and the main at the people who are allocated with the erudition. I will speak about school, but this problem exists on many pieces of a course of life, and everywhere it is necessary to find forces to deserve and keep due respect for itself.
Problems between parents and children Psychology of the relations
Проблемы между родителями и детьмиIn any family there are problems in the relations between parents and children. Even people with a small age difference seldom have identical interests and outlooks on life, what to speak about parents and children. I want to describe the most widespread problems between parents and children and to try to help to resolve them.
How to fight chronic fatigue Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с хронической усталостьюEach more or less healthy person usually has a sufficient stock of energy for normal life (life, but not a survival). But sometimes something occurs, and the person finds out that his forces were settled. It would be normal if it was talked of the ancient old man. But now such happens even to teenagers. What occurs?
Street frauds and ways of their avoidance Psychology of the personality
Уличные мошенничества и способы их избежанияWays of fraud on which we can simply get on the street, the great variety now divorced. included the most popular of them in this article to warn you against hit in category of the persons deceived by speculators.
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