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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Alginate face packs Beauty and health
Альгинатные маски для лицаSeaweed – a product not only tasty, but also useful. In their structure there is a unique substance which analogs are not present on all planet – salt of alginic acid. Not so long ago the cosmetology began to use them in preparation of masks which very quickly won popularity at those who dreams of the second youth.
How to make a service jacket gel varnish Beauty and health
Как сделать френч гель-лакомMany girls very much like the French manicure. And still they very much want that this beauty kept on nails as it is possible more long. What it is possible to advise? Of course, to make a service jacket gel varnish.
House anti-cellulite wrappings Beauty and health
Домашние антицеллюлитные обертыванияFor disposal of excess weight resort to such procedures as massage, electrostimulation and a liposuction. Unfortunately, these methods not from cheap, besides not always bring desirable result.
Style bokho in clothes Clothes
Стиль бохо в одеждеFashion trends are done not stand still and not cease to be surprised with novelties. Relatively recently there was a style bokho with which many women fell in love. This refined combination of free (hippie) and bohemian images. At creation of new onions it is worth being extremely careful and not to lose sense of proportion as it is possible to combine some styles at the same time not everyone.
Acceptance of salt bathtubs Beauty and health
Принятие солевых ваннPeople who only arrived from the sea, it is very easy to learn. And not only on beautiful suntan, but also on healthy skin, and on the tightened figure. But how to be if a season of holidays already behind, and there is a wish to be beautiful? Salt bathtubs will come to the rescue.
Equipment of a make-up "a cat's eye" Beauty and health
Техника макияжа «кошачий глаз»For certain you paid attention to expressive eyes of ancient Egyptians. They attracted and attracted. And you did not think of why women did themselves such make-up? Everything is very simple – so Egyptians tried to receive force and grace of a sacred animal – cats.
Advantage of a lymphatic drainage Beauty and health
Польза лимфодренажаThat people will only not think up to prolong youth and to keep beauty. The lymphatic drainage became the next invention of modern cosmetology. This procedure renders salutary effect not only with esthetic, but also from the medical point of view. What is the lymphatic drainage and in what its features consist, this article will tell.
Make-up for brown eyes Beauty and health
Макияж для карих глазIt is difficult to argue with that brown eyes – the brightest and expressive of all. Their main plus consists what even without use of cosmetics they are allocated on a face. And, nevertheless, if it is correct to emphasize them – from the girl it will be difficult to tear off a look. In this article we will talk about a make-up for brown eyes.
As what to choose a make-up in school Beauty and health
Какой выбрать макияж в школу"Oh, what it for a scarecrow came? You again took mother's cosmetics"? – the teacher at school sighs, having seen brightly made up schoolgirl. Yes, passed those times when it was not allowed to be painted in school long ago. Now girls can come to occupations with a make-up, but under a condition that it was the most natural.
Phototherapy Beauty and health
ФототерапияFor people who wish to remain young and beautiful, the science thought up many cosmetics and devices. One of the most demanded methods of treatment of skin today – phototherapy. Its essence consists in impact of light radiations on cages therefore the structure of skin and its color, and also elasticity and elasticity improves.
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