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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to sleep
Как выспатьсяModern rate of life in a root changed internal clocks of most of people around the world. The person began to spend more time behind the computer, to receive more intellectual loading and, as a result, to sleep less. Problems with a dream – the SCOURGE of 21 centuries. What to do if you were tired of constant sleep debts and cannot lead normal active lifestyle?
Use of amber acid
Применение янтарной кислотыAmber is better known as material for jewelry, but from it also make the most valuable amber acid. Useful properties of this product allow to apply it in different spheres, basic of which medicine, cosmetology, dietology.
Make-up for the hung century
Макияж для нависшего векаThe hung eyelids – a widespread problem among women are more senior 50, but happens that the similar phenomenon is observed at enough young women. Anyway, it is cardinally possible to correct a situation only by means of plastic surgery, and here will help to correct a problem visually correct meykap. In this article we will talk just about it.
Use of oil of germs of wheat
Применение масла зародышей пшеницыOn the earth many cereals grow, but hardly they can compete with wheat, on prevalence, a variety of the products received on its basis and to medicinal properties which are born in itself by its oil. The product received from wheat germs is capable to strengthen an organism, to rejuvenate it and to cure of many diseases.
Manicure for short nails
Маникюр для коротких ногтейOn a question "What nails it is more beautiful?" most of women will answer: "Of course, long!". And with bitterness it is sighed because magnificent, long nails demand a lot of time and money. And we should "be content" with short nogotochka, without guessing that the manicure on them is capable to look worse nothing, than on the long. Today we will open secrets of performance of ideal manicure on short nails.
Application of a grass of Senna
Применение травы сенныTreatment by herbs – the integral part of traditional medicine which came to us from antiquity. Unlike synthetic preparations, plants have the sparing effect on an organism, do not lead to serious collateral reactions and seldom cause allergies.
Harm of a hookah
Вред кальянаAbout that smoking is a harm, all know on light: from small kids to deep aged men. And even, in spite of the fact that global war with tobacco smoking was developed in the world, people and continue to smoke. Besides, they for the addiction thought up the mass of justifications: both the stress removes, and appetite suppresses, and brain activity improves.
Thermal water for the person
Термальная вода для лицаThermal water as cosmetic appeared in the markets in the middle of last century. It was on sale in container which was a prototype of a modern barrel. This water is capable to cure eczema, to calm and moisten the inflamed skin, to slow down aging process.
Use of cones of hop
Применение шишек хмеляHaving heard the familiar word "hop" - many readers will think that fun will be a question about intoxicated. But actually at hop more a broad spectrum of activity and it possesses the mass of positive properties.
Use of vaseline oil
Применение вазелинового маслаYou are familiar with vaseline and its action? And whether you knew about existence of vaseline oil? Is not present? will acquaint you with its action. This preparation possesses a number of positive properties and has low cost.
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