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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Peony tincture, instruction on application
Настойка пиона, инструкция по применениюNow interest in the preparations made on the basis of vegetable components increases. People understand that the modern drugs created in pharmaceutical laboratories in the synthesized way besides medical effect show quite often many by-effects. Whenever possible at first it is necessary to try to try natural means for treatment.
Products for blood fluidifying
Продукты для разжижения кровиViscous blood, the increased density is a big problem for health of the person. Often increased density of blood leads to unpleasant consequences - to formation of blood clots in heart and on walls of vessels, bad work of kidneys, to heart attacks and deterioration of health.
How to remove a stress at the child
Как снять стресс у ребенкаStress for any child – the menacing condition of an emotional pressure which is reflected both on psychological, and on physical health. However its consequences or so invited post-traumatic state bears still big danger, and the priority of the adult – to define in time symptoms of depression and to help the kid.
Short wind reasons
Причины одышкиToday we will lead the speech about violation of depth and frequency of breath at which the person has feelings of shortage of air. In such cases people say that they have a short wind. And physicians call such state the word "dispnoe". It is the complex symptom which is the satellite of various pathological processes.
Use of glycerin
Применение глицеринаTouching drugs in the first-aid kit, you found a vial of glycerin. As it appeared in the first-aid kit and why you bought it, of course, do not remember any more. Do not hurry to throw out it, read this article and you will open for yourself this medical preparation.
Use of barsuchy fat
Применение барсучьего жираFor a long time in the people knew that barsuchy fat is very useful. Before cold weather approach of the man hunted on badgers to get this valuable product. And now it can be got in drugstores in flakonchik in the form of oily liquid or in capsules which can be accepted inside.
First aid at a sting of a snake
Первая помощь при укусе змеиSome of us, most likely, will be skeptical about a question of snake stings. Well where the average citizen can meet a snake - in the subway or at a bus stop? No, of course. But many at least once faced the exotic nature on vacation, and especially all without exception had to have a rest savages in tents, the cheerful company to go for mushrooms or berries...
Electrotherapy: types and principles of treatment
Электротерапия: виды и принципы леченияSometimes so happens that the doctor, besides tablets, injections, ointments, writes out to the patient who came to it for the help, appointment to physioprocedures. There are people who doubt – whether it is necessary to visit every day policlinic for performance of such here procedures, whether they help?
Eructation reasons
Причины отрыжкиEructation – the phenomenon quite natural and not pathological. It occurs when in a stomach gases and a diaphragm accumulate, being reduced, pushes out them outside. And only, when the eructation occurs strongly often or began to smell thus not really pleasant, it is possible to speak about some disease.
The raid reasons in language
Причины налета на языкеRemember how in the childhood on reception at the doctor us always asked to put out the tongue? It was a little ridiculous, but we put out the pink uvulas, and the doctor, having frowned eyebrows, attentively considered. What did he see there and why for him it was necessary? Today will answer all your questions and will clear a picture of formation of a raid in language.
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