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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Dimeksid's application
Применение ДимексидаDimeksid is means for external application and represents himself colourless transparent liquid with a characteristic garlick smell. Article purpose – to acquaint readers with a preparation Dimeksid. To tell about features of this medicine, at what diseases it is applied, in what proportions it is required to be parted.
Application Hilak forte
Применение Хилак фортеOwing to various reasons the number of useful microorganisms in intestines can strongly decrease or absolutely reduce to zero, and the number of pathogenic microbes sharply to increase. One of versions of the solution of this problem – application of the preparations containing products of a metabolism of normal microflora. Such medicine is Hilak forte.
Hlorgeksidin in stomatology
Хлоргексидин в стоматологииAs effective antiseptics, hlorgeksidin in medicine it is used widely. It is applied by surgeons, dermatologists, urologists, gynecologists, otorhinolaryngologists etc. Use of this medicine by stomatologists in various directions allows to struggle successfully with the majority of grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria, having bactericidal effect.
Treatment by antibiotics, Regulations of Admission
Лечение антибиотиками, правила приемаThe antibiotic – serious medicine, but is released without recipe practically in all drugstores. Doctors repeatedly tried to take measures for toughening of sale of antimicrobic means, but for today any antibiotic and can be bought in a drugstore without any medical recommendation. In this article we will consider the main difficulties and mistakes at reception of antibiotics.
Use of peroxide of hydrogen
Применение перекиси водорода In medicine peroxide of hydrogen found application thanks to existence for it the antiseptic, deodorizing and styptic property. 3% apply solution of peroxide of hydrogen to processing of wounds, grazes, scratches, stops of nasal and other small capillary bleedings, in the form of rinsings at quinsy, stomatitis.
The coal activated and other sorbents
Уголь активированный и другие сорбентыFor certain, black tablets in paper packing to much with an inscription "The coal activated" are familiar. It treats enterosorbents. Having collected on itself all poisons and toxins, enterosorbents are brought out of intestines in the natural way. They should be had in home or any other first-aid kit. These are the safe and effective preparations capable to help at many illnesses.
Hlorgeksidin's application
Применение ХлоргексидинаHlorgeksidin. Trudnovatoye for a pronunciation and storing the name. Nevertheless, it needs to be remembered. This inexpensive and reliable antiseptics has to be in each first-aid kit along with brilliant green, iodine and peroxide of hydrogen. In house conditions Hlorgeksidin as antiseptics use for processing of wounds, burns and various surfaces.
Sulfatsil of sodium – a preparation of first aid for eyes
Сульфацил натрия – препарат первой помощи для глазThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with the most popular eye drops which are called Sulfatsil of sodium. They not magic, they will not make an eye more beautiful, but their existence in the home first-aid kit will help to put quickly a barrier on the way of the begun infectious inflammation of eyes. Costs sulfatsit sodium absolutely cheap. It is released without recipe of the doctor.
Pantenol's application
Применение ПантенолаThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with medicine for external application which Pantenol is called. Pantenol is used for treatment of injuries of skin. For years of evolution skin learned to restore itself at various damages. But sometimes we have to help the skin to restore the integrity.
Surprising properties of an arginin – prolong the youth
Удивительные свойства аргинина – продлите свою молодостьAt the end of the last century, in 1998, the Nobel committee awarded an award on medicine to several scientists who closely researched one amino acid – an arginin. The award for arginin was given with an ulterior motive is a substance possesses a number of surprising properties which can become a key to the solution of a set of cosmetology and medical problems.
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