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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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We prepare a feeding up for children about one year
Готовим прикорм для детей до года самиHere also terms of introduction of a feeding up were suitable for your darling of the baby. I remember that waited for this moment from the childbirth, as big holiday. It would seem, what it is simpler: went to shop or a drugstore and bought these bright jars in department of baby food. But existence of any thickeners of trust does not inspire. And therefore frequent to cook mashed potatoes and porridges for the child most better.
What to buy by the child's birth
Что купить к рождению ребенкаToday for future parents a large number of various goods which, to measures of modern life, are simply necessary for the child is offered. It is necessary to understand that something will always not be enough. And the main thing not to hurry with purchases here, to get only the most necessary things. And at opportunity and to save on some things.
How to accustom the child to an order
Как приучить ребенка к порядкуEach mother knows that means – the child in the house. These infinite candy wrappers behind a sofa, the scattered toys and clothes, jars boxes. Generally, house upside down. Exit one: to accustom the child to an order since the most infantile years. As to make it and whether the baby can impart love to purity – about it we and we will talk.
How to choose winter clothes for the child
Как выбрать зимнюю одежду для ребенкаWinter walks – a peculiar examination for parents. If you dressed the child correctly, he will benefit from cool air only. On a frost it is dangerous both overcooling, and an overheat of a children's organism: the sweated child will get sick practically for certain. Therefore it is so important to choose truly winter clothes for the son or the daughter.
Development of a small motility of hands
Развитие мелкой моторики рукThe small motility of handles is directly connected with development of the speech in the kid. Therefore in order that the kid from the cradle already prepared for oratory, it is necessary to pay special attention to the base of development of organs of articulation. That is developing a motility of hands of the child, we can effectively influence from first months of life future development both its written, and oral speech.
We elect electronic assistants: radio nurses and video nurses
Выбираем электронных помощниц: радионяни и видеоняниThe brightest and unforgettable emotions are connected with the birth of the child, but at the same time parents have a feeling of concern for life and health of the kid. To the aid of modern mothers and fathers radio nurses and video nurses (bebimonitor) allowing to control a condition of the child in the round-the-clock mode come.
Ways of increase of a lactation
Способы повышения лактацииAlready so much all is told about advantage of breastfeeding. All know that breast milk has huge value on formation of good immunity at the child. Pediatricians recommend at least half a year to feed the baby with one maternal milk, without entering any in addition feeding up. But what to do to those to mothers at whom apparent defect of breast milk is observed?
Teething at the child
Прорезывание зубов у ребенкаYour kid grows up, at the same time the amount of cares of it grows. There were behind sleepless nights connected with gripes in a tummy but the new interval of time – a teething approaches. It will last from 5 to 24 months a joy. And it is desirable for each mummy to know the main truth about a teething to distinguish the reasons of concern of the kid and to come to the rescue.
The developing games for the child of 2-3 years
Развивающие игры для ребенка 2-3 летThe child of two years – active, inquisitive, understanding everything, but not all speaking. The most important at this age is the movement. Everything is interesting to it and everywhere. You will not sit with a carriage in park any more, quietly reading the book. It is already necessary to go, run, study. And it is necessary to do it to mother, and, of course, with advantage for the kid.
How to dress the child on the street
Как одевать ребенка на улицуWalks are in the fresh air necessary for development of the child and strengthening of its immunity. But overcooling or an overheat can play a dirty trick and give a boomerang effect therefore it is important to dress the child correctly. The basic rule – is reasonably to approach this question and not to go into extremes. Also it is desirable to make the child's clothes for walks in advance.
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