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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Fight against slugs on a kitchen garden
Борьба со слизнями на огородеPicking beautiful berries of strawberry, it is possible to notice large through holes. And cutting off heads of cabbage of the Beijing or white cabbage, sheet salad, to be surprised that in a night on integral leaves there were rough openings. It everything tricks of slugs – the land mollusks capable to do harm to garden and garden cultures.
Landing of blackberry garden
Посадка ежевики садовойRaspberry grows almost on each garden site, and here blackberry decide to put not all. Usually gardeners complain that at blackberry there are a lot of prickles. But besshipny grades are now removed, bushes are more fruitful, than raspberry and is a lot of other advantages at blackberry. A plant unpretentious but to receive good harvests, it is necessary to observe certain principles of an agrotechnology.
Useful properties of a sorrel
Полезные свойства щавеляSorrel call a grassy plant from family grechishny which is safely grown up here some millennia. Grows mainly in the northern hemisphere in the conditions of a temperate climate. And it is grown up everywhere.
Landing and care of blueberry
Посадка и уход за голубикойThe blueberry, berry, useful to health having refined taste can be grown up on the country site. In this article will explain to readers as what to choose a grade, what soil suits saplings how to look after them. Knowing some features of this plant, you will be able to receive good harvests in some years.
How to collect petunia seeds
Как собрать семена петунииThe petunia is considered one of the most beautiful and odorous flowers. It is capable to unite at once some shades of paints. There is a wrong opinion that this plant one-year. Actually it is grassy perennial. The petunia can be landed anywhere – on a balcony, a loggia, in a garden. And that the next year you had not to buy seeds, will tell you as they need to be collected.
Cultivation of a magnolia vine Chinese
Выращивание лимонника китайскогоThe curling, fragrantly smelling liana with brilliant green leaves, not only will decorate your garden, but also will yield many useful fruits possessing medicinal properties. All this is quite achievable if it is correct to plant a plant and to look after it.
How to fight against a phytophthora on tomatoes
Как бороться с фитофторой на помидорахSummer residents rejoice, when during a summer time all moderately – the sun and a rain. But if the summer is rainy, problems on a kitchen garden begin. There are diseases at tomatoes conducting to rotting and loss of a crop. Perhaps, the most widespread and the misfortune which is often found in different areas of cultivation – fitoftoroz.
Useful properties of a pawpaw
Полезные свойства азиминыThe pawpaw is known today not only as an exotic fruit tree, but also as decorative ornament which under favorable weather conditions can reach in height to twelve meters. The pawpaw belongs to a sort of two-submultiple plants of family of Annov. The homeland of this plant the southern part of the USA is considered.
Callas, leaving in house conditions
Каллы, уход в домашних условияхCallas surprise with the beauty – the mass of dense, big, arrow-shaped leaves, majestic tsvetonosa which are coming to the end with the long yellow inflorescences ears framed with charming covers (funneled bracts) – snow-white, pink, red or orange-yellow …
Advantage of a rhubarb
Польза ревеняAnd to you the thick stalk growing at you on a kitchen garden met? The neigbour told that it is a rhubarb and from it it is possible to prepare many useful and tasty dishes. And still the rhubarb possesses also medicinal properties.
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