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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to prepare cutlets
Как приготовить котлетыCutlets, probably, one of the most universal and popular dishes of Russian cuisine. Their main charm that cutlets are good with any garnish, since mashed potatoes, finishing with wheat porridge or macaroni.
Harm of sugar
Вред сахара"There is a wish sweet and to play pranks", - remember this known saying of the animation character? Yes, without sweet we do not represent our life. Stresses, fatigue – ate a candy or a chocolate – and it becomes easier. And somebody thought of what the sweet does harm to an organism? We will tell you of impact of sugar on a human body.
The recipe of croissants with jam
Рецепт рогаликов с повидломAnything is more tasty than house pastries does not happen. So for certain those who at least once tried tasty grandmother's or mother's croissants will think. And after all is not difficult to train them at all and ingredients will be at each hostess. Today will tell about all secrets of fragrant pastries.
Recipes of chops from a turkey
Рецепты отбивных из индейкиTaste of this meat is familiar to much since the childhood. And practically each person knows about his usefulness. This is a turkey. Today together with we will prepare chops from a turkey. Meat of a turkey – a useful product which both kids and adults can use.
Application of apple cider vinegar
Применение яблочного уксусаWhen year is given fruitful for apples, it is possible to process them in the different ways – compotes, juice, jam, jam, jam, Mollycoddle mashed potatoes … And one more idea – to prepare house apple cider vinegar. It is possible to use it not only in cookery, but also for improvement of all organism, improvement of a condition of hair, skin. Also suggests to talk about this in more detail.
Recipe of preparation of brushwood
Рецепт приготовления хворостаIf you think that brushwood is only branches for a furnace kindling, you are mistaken. Brushwood is also the most tasty cookies which is loved by both children, and adults. It is very simple to train him, any hostess will find in the refrigerator products for this sweet dish.
How to prepare the Potato cake
Как приготовить пирожное КартошкаCake with the ridiculous name – "Potato" familiarly to all since childhood. Despite simplicity of the recipe, cake it possesses some special taste, submits sweet viscosity, is very successfully combined with cold carbonated drinks and hot coffee. Let's try to prepare the Potato cake together with, and at the same time we learn history of an origin of this popular cake.
Advantage of buckwheat
Польза гречкиIts taste is familiar to much, and our ancestors knew of the mass of merits still. Ancient Slavs very much loved buckwheat cereal and called it "powerful". And there was a buckwheat very much long ago.
How to cook sushi
Как приготовить сушиPopularity of Japanese cuisine gains steam every year. Exotic fish and seafood dishes submit the unusual tastes and original appearance. A variety of tasty, useful and extraordinary dishes knows no limit, but sushi take the leading position.
The recipe oladyev on kefir
Рецепт оладьев на кефиреIf to ask the person about the most tasty dishes of his childhood, for certain at four of five fritters will occur at once: magnificent, ruddy, only from a frying pan, grandmother's, mother's, with jam, a smetanka. Recipes of preparation the weight, and today will tell how to prepare fritters on kefir.
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