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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Care of Thai cats
Уход за тайскими кошкамиI want to acquaint with an unusual and tremendous animal – and this is a Thai cat. Many people, unfortunately, often confuse Siamese and Thai kitties as they have a similar color. But I hurry to assure, Siamese and Thai cats absolutely different. The most important distinctive feature is their character. The Thai cat is an imperial creation, with high vanity, pride and tenderness.
Maintenance of a guinea pig
Содержание морской свинкиMy children very much love animals. And recently, waiting for approach of the birthday, the daughter began desperately to ask to buy it "somebody". It was necessary to study features of leaving and the maintenance of various pets before we made the choice. In long-awaited day in our house there was a lovely being, is there was a guinea pig, to be exact, a sea pig.
Maintenance of parrots-nerazluchnikov
Содержание попугаев-неразлучниковIn this article I want to share with you experience of the maintenance of parrots in the apartment. Namely it will be a question of such kind of parrots as nerazluchnik. Frankly speaking, earlier did not even hear about a similar species of parrots until itself it was puzzled with searches on the Internet of the living creatures suitable for itself. Now couple of pink-checked nerazluchnik lives in our apartment.
Maintenance of wavy parrots
Содержание волнистых попугаевWavy popugaychik – the most widespread inhabitants of our houses among birds. They do not demand walking and do not take a lot of place in the apartment. Ringing chatter of a wavy parrot pleases hearing. And if you manage to train it to talk, it will be able to amuse you with the said phrases and to surprise guests. You will find councils for care of wavy parrots in article.
Rules of the contents and walking of dogs
Правила содержания и выгула собак Who could think that the dog, an embodiment of selfless love and devotion, will become a subject of hatred of the same person. Ejection of dogs, their mass poisonings became a commonplace. On the other hand, nearly weekly in mass media there are next terrifying stories about dogs. Today we will talk about the problems connected with the contents and walking of dogs.
Documents upon purchase of a dog, a family tree
Документы при покупке собаки, родословнаяToday sale of the puppies who naturally became live goods is assigned to the spontaneous market. And practically always here advantage on the party of sellers of puppies without family trees: "We did not begin to process documents not to spend your money!". However if to buy a puppy without documents, to estimate his mentality and other qualities it is possible only "approximately". Nobody guarantees that the puppy will not appear the metis.
Treatment of enteritis at dogs
Лечение энтерита у собакIf in the house there was a puppy, besides education of the pet the owner still bears responsibility and for his health. Dogs have a seasonal decrease in the general immunity, and also decrease in immunity owing to receiving injuries, shock, etc. During these periods there is the greatest danger of infection of a dog with a virus and if it is a puppy about one year – such terrible virus as enteritis.
What dog to get in the apartment
Какую собаку завести в квартиреIn the conditions of the city apartment the maintenance of a large dog frequent not on forces to their owners. First of all such dog demands more space and your free time. But it is possible to choose a dog, both quite attractive and "convenient" to city life. Especially as in centuries dog breeders removed a big set of breeds and really is from what to choose.
As it is correct to choose aquarian small fishes
Как правильно выбирать аквариумных рыбокIf you decided to get an aquarium, it is not necessary to run at once in pet-shop or on a poultry market and to buy the first to you the pleasant aquarium and all small fishes who pleased you. Everything needs to be done after careful consideration and without hurrying. In order that it is correct to choose small fishes, it is necessary to know what they happen. Let's consider the main families of aquarian small fishes.
Pekineses, contents and leaving
Пекинесы, содержание и уходIn the modern world there is a great variety of breeds of dog. Sometimes it is difficult for to choose the friend that corresponded to your character and habits, and easily fitted into your rhythm of life. I want to tell you about the most ancient Chinese breed of dog – Beijing (or a Pekinese) that you could solve, you suit such dog or not.
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