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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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As it is easy to earn
Как легко заработатьIt is considered that money needs to be earned with heavy work. And not only money. Even in the word "earn" it is audible "to receive for work". will not consider criminal ways – at least because as a result of people usually loses more, than gets. It is easy to receive money it is possible also in quite lawful ways.
Online crediting, ch.2
Онлайн кредитование, ч.2In last part of our story about online crediting we considered that this such, and also some technical questions of receiving and issuance of credit. Here we will try to light the moments, useful in practice, to give advice to both participating parties of the online credit. It will be especially important for the beginning creditors.
Online crediting, p.1
Онлайн-кредитование, ч.1The credits densely entered now our life. To live on credit became a fashionable habit for the modern person. How it is better to take the credit if you need financial injections or how to force the money to work, without rising from a chair. Will tell in this article about many aspects of these questions.
Use of plastic cards
Использование пластиковых картIn the previous article we considered practically all types of plastic cards existing for today. Now we will finish the begun subject and we will understand subtleties of their use. Clear business, on a card is number, a name of the owner of a card. This information to the ATM will be insufficiently to define you it or not you.
Types of plastic cards
Виды пластиковых картIn the world there is a huge number of plastic cards. Everyone has the history, appointment, features, qualities and shortcomings. All plastic cards can be divided into two look: payment and not payment. From a context clearly that the first work with money, the last – no. Let's begin our review with the last.
Network marketing or how to earn in the MLM project
Сетевой маркетинг или как заработать в MLM-проектеPresently there were quite frequent offers to earn in various MLM projects or in other words with the help network marketing. Here you will find answers to the following questions: what is MLM, a dethronement of myths about MLM whether really to earn by means of network marketing and how it is better to earn. So, we will begin.
Franchizing and search of the franchisee
Франчайзинг и поиск франчайзиSo, as it became clear from the previous article, the franchiser is a person or the company which managed to make the quite good, profitable, working business. It is natural that he wants it to expand. In what way to select from a great number of persons interested of the best. suggests to understand, on what it is necessary to pay first of all attention in such cases?
Franchizing and purchase of the franchize
Франчайзинг и покупка франшизыYour main task — the favorable room of money for the purpose of commercialization? Now there was quite widespread phenomenon an application of purchase and sale of franchizes, or, in other words, franchizing. That it for fruit and with what it is eaten, will try to inform to the readers in this article. So, we will begin.
Service consulting, when and where to address
Консалтинг услуги, когда и куда обращатьсяMarket technologies develop in present time so promptly, there is a huge number of new technologies, inquiries of consumers grow. Often the company should resort to services of the external consultants or firms specializing on business consultations or as they are called still – consulting firms.
Psychology of perception of advertizing
Психология восприятия рекламыYes, it is possible to agree that advertizing – the progress engine. The commercial often contains interesting and useful information, but sometimes such is thought out that there is a wish to ask: "And who wrote the text to you?" decided to share several useful tips about what has to be advertizing and how to make it more effective.
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