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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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Choice of ski bindings and boots Sports goods
Выбор лыжных креплений и ботинокSkis – one of the most important components of equipment of the skier, but not everyone. Both fastenings, and special boots will be necessary. And their variety will enter into confusion of any beginner. And to decide on a choice of this ski equipment, before a campaign in shop it will be useful to examine that, on what it is worth turning upon purchase.
How to choose skis Sports goods
Как выбрать лыжиNow mountain skiing enjoys the greatest popularity. Tourists go to known ski resorts of Austria, France, Switzerland, combining business with pleasure – both ride, and have a rest, spending time finds in SPA salons, aquaparks, etc. expedient to tell and about mountain skiing, and about the habitual running – classical and ridge.
Roller skates for beginners Sports goods
Роликовые коньки для начинающихLooking at how the next alternative teenager moves down on a high handrail or jumps through a border, sometimes most himself wants to learn and get roller skates. But at once there is a mass of questions and nuances – what model to choose, in what firm to trust, by what rollers to study to go?
We choose thermolinen Sports goods
Выбираем термобельеCold weather comes nearer, and all of us reflect on purchase of warm things more often. However not all know that there is such remarkable thing as thermolinen. Most often it is used by athletes as it combines two remarkable properties: removal of moisture from a body and preservation of heat. What is better thermolinen personally for everyone?
Exercises for a back Exercises
Упражнения для спиныRaising of the person from all fours on feet also became the beginning of its problems with a back. Vertical position of a body gives us advantages, but also conceals in itself a set of dangers. Every day we set to the back such tasks which from the point of view of "correctness of movements" are difficult and unpredictable. Our ultimate goal is a "clever" back.
How to pump up house muscles Exercises
Как накачать мышцы домаThe desire to pump up muscles at the men dissatisfied with the physical form, arises more often than it can be imagined. But here business does not reach only practice in most cases. The offered exercises will help to pump up muscles, and to carry out them it is possible and it is necessary at home.
Exercises for buttocks Exercises
Упражнения для ягодицThe high breast, harmonous feet, slender waist – for the sake of these attributes of beauty of the woman are ready and to keep to diets, and to spend considerable time in a gym. But whether often we reflect on beauty of that part of a body what there are below backs? assures that there are enough 2-3 weeks of diligent exercises and all men will be crazy about your buttocks!
We choose a snowboard under ourselves Winter types
Выбираем сноуборд под себяCorrectly to choose a snowboard, it is necessary to solve for himself as well as where you are going to ride. Freestyle (Freestyle) – performance of tricks, driving in a half-paypa (a stage from snow). Freeride (Freeride) – means driving without restrictions – simply descent, jumps or descent from the mountain. Frikarv (Freecarve) is a downhill racing from the mountain, where a main objective – abrupt "cut" turns.
Useful exercises for feet Exercises
Полезные упражнения для ногHow many times during the day we sit down and again we get up, we go, we rise on ladders, we carry heavy bags, at last, forcedly we stand in queues or public transport?? It is natural that by the end of day our legs literally hoot for fatigue and almost refuse to move.
Exercises for strengthening of a breast Exercises
Упражнения для укрепления грудиFrom the point of view of an esthetics a breast – nearly the most weak spot of a female organism. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, some hormonal diseases, lead to that the breast droops, becoming not such attractive, as earlier. And after all the high, elastic breast, precisely a magnet attracting man's views - a half of the making female beauty …
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