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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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How independently to make the wedding menu Holidays
Как самостоятельно составить свадебное менюFor most of guests the wedding is remembered generally thanks to a wedding banquet. And if it is quite easy to deal with registration of the hall, a dress and the REGISTRY OFFICE, to make successful, generous, but without menu excesses – the real problem. imparts personal experience of the readers.
Numerology secrets The unknown
Секреты нумерологииThe mankind became interested in magic of numbers at the time of ancient Egypt, Egyptian priests possessed the first opening in the field of numerology – system, the esoteric doctrine about existence of communications between numbers and physical objects or living beings.
Review of the movie Race Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ГонкаThe adrenalinic sports drama based on real events. The movie "Race" from the director of hits "Frost Against Nixon", "Beautiful Mind" and "Knock-down" Ron Howard will dip us into events of one of the brightest seasons in the history of the races Formula One – a season of the 1976th year. In it talented James Hunt and the defending champion Niki Lauda among themselves competed.
How to remove bugs It is useful to know
Как вывести клоповThose who at least once had to meet these insects "confidentially", will remember the feelings well. It is not simple to fight against bugs very, and to live with them nearby even more difficult. Therefore collected for you recommendations about fight against bugs.
How to take vacation at own expense Work
Как взять отпуск за свой счетHappen in situation life when for settling of some personal problems it is required to take vacation urgently. It can be both joyful, and sad events, but unites their one condition – during unlimited time you cannot be present on a workplace.
Sauna for businessmen: pure rest Rest and entertainments
Сауна для бизнесменов: чистый отдыхModern Russian business went out of Moscow long ago. High mobility of business people and the frequent flights connected with it will read over time to affect health even the most healthy of them. Regular visit of a sauna becomes rescue for many.
How to be prepared for a confession Religion
Как подготовиться к исповедиEach person heard about need of commission of sacrament of a confession, even not churched, probably. But here very few people actually fully understand a true essence of a confession.
Review of Okolofutbol's movie Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ОколофутболаThe director of the movie "Others" Anton Bormatov submits the sports drama "Okolofutbola" - the "raspiareny" movie about football fans, representatives of so-called "firms". A main objective of these fans is a fight with fans of the competing team.
Treasure hunting It is useful to know
КладоискательствоWho from us did not dream to find a treasure in the childhood? And so, I will tell you, this children's dream can be achieved and now, being the adult. What for this purpose it is necessary and what benefit can be derived from this occupation? About everything one after another.
Happy life without domestic parasites It is useful to know
Счастливая жизнь без домашних паразитовThe person lives in continuous contact with insects: whether it be street or house. But most often the meeting comes in the most improper, and from that even more unexpected moment. Especially, if it is about domestic parasites.
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