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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Communication levels Psychology of the relations
Уровни общенияCommunication gives to the person a new impulse, pleasure, pleasure which help to cope with boredom, routine of household life, lifts it on new levels in its professional activity. Before telling about levels of communication, let's look that is defining for the concept "communication level".
How to change the destiny Psychology of the personality
Как изменить свою судьбуYou noticed, what at your life there are repeating events, as if someone operates your acts? Each undertaking as if breaks about invisible obstacles. It seems to you, what you the loser? Try to recognize the scenario of destiny. It appears, as well as at the play, our life has the scenario and the author.
How to live with neighbors Psychology of the relations
Как жить с соседямиPeople with whom he communicates enter the world of each person. Often, remembering the acquaintances, remember neighbors in the latest turn, and after all it is people who live with us literally "through a wall" and which it is free or involuntarily, we want that or not, influence our life. Give together with we learn who such "neighbor" and we will solve as with it to live.
How to return respect of the spouse Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть уважение супругаRespect between spouses or people loving each other – one of the most important factors of the strong and happy relations. The respect is an understanding and acceptance of the person, his identity, recognition of its advantages. The love between people cannot arise if they do not respect each other: it is unlikely you could fall in love "unworthy", in your opinion, the person.
Gestalt therapy, ch.2 (techniques) Psychology of the personality
Гештальт-терапия, ч.2 (методики)Big emphasis in gestalt therapy is placed on such receptions as expansion of understanding by the person of true sense of the experiences, attempts to unite feelings, diverse and opposite on sense, and emotions, to development of attention and abilities is thin to perceive himself in general, including external (the body) and internal (feelings) components.
Gestalt therapy, p.1 (bases) Psychology of the personality
Гештальт-терапия, ч.1 (основы)Gestalt therapy (in translation from it. "image", "figure", "background") – the psychotherapy method promoting distribution of consciousness of the person, and achievement on the basis of it bigger intra personal integrity, fullness and intelligence of life, improvement of contact with surrounding people and the outside world. Considerable number of institutes are occupied with teaching gestalt therapy.
As it is correct to criticize the person Psychology of the relations
Как правильно критиковать человекаEarlier we already concerned a problem as it is necessary to react to criticism, having given a number of advice on the general case. It is not less important to exercise judgment in such difficult business as to ability most structurally to build criticism in relation to other person who for one reason or another deserves it (according to his behavior or a state).
How to react to criticism Psychology of the relations
Как реагировать на критикуWith what pleasure we perceive a praise in the address. But to what indignation we come, it is worth hearing someone's criticism in relation to himself. Not always each of us knows as how to answer criticism. Making a start from the most frequent cases, we will illustrate idea, the general principles of behavior at criticism in the address.
Nonverbal means of communication, ch.2 Psychology of the relations
Невербальные средства общения, ч.2I think, you already got acquainted with the article "Nonverbal Means of Communication, P.1" in which two groups of gestures were in details described: expressional and expressive and tactile. For expansion of idea of the world of nonverbal communication of will provide two more groups of gestures in this article: look visual and contact and spatial movements.
Nonverbal means of communication, p.1 Psychology of the relations
Невербальные средства общения, ч.1Language of our body, in comparison with other verbal means of communication, is unique. It bears from 60 to 80 percent of information transferred to the interlocutor, it is easy to understand need for interpretation of this way of contact. It is easy to develop intuition, watching the interlocutor and, knowing concrete value of gestures, to draw right conclusions.
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