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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Application of a hellebore for weight loss Beauty and health
Применение морозника для похуденияMany consider that to lose extra kilos by means of various herbs – is safe, effective and even it is useful. As it appears, phytotherapy not always has a positive effect. Among a large number of herbs which are used for weight loss, a hellebore, perhaps, the most dangerous and toxic, but at the same time many note its efficiency.
Parafinoterapiya in house conditions Beauty and health
Парафинотерапия в домашних условияхOne of the most popular and available procedures in cosmetology call a parafinoterapiya today. It is applied on many sites of a body, but most often used for a face, hands and feet and in the anti-cellulite purposes.
How to make a bunch of hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать пучок из волосThe female mood, as it is known – is changeable. That we want to carry a straight hair, to braid a braid, to make beautiful curls. Happens also such that all manipulations with hair so bothered. There is a wish that hair have a rest, but thus the hairdress was accurate. How to make it? Easily – try to build a bunch from hair.
Types of a bioepilation Beauty and health
Виды биоэпиляцииAll of us, women, at least once in life resorted to procedure of removal of undesirable hair on a body. Someone went on modern procedures to salon, someone shaved off hair the ordinary machine, and someone had an experience of removal of hair wax. Such technique of disposal of excess hair on a body is called as a bioepilation.
Advantage of hydrosulphuric bathtubs Beauty and health
Польза сероводородных ваннTaking any bath after intense day, the person will be able to relax and have a rest. But it only at first sight. Bathtubs possess also medical action. If to you advised to try a hydrosulphuric bathtub – do not refuse, and you will feel as to you forces come back.
Make-up with red lipstick Beauty and health
Макияж с красной помадойThe brightest, attractive and sexual images of women were always created with use of lipstick of red color. This shade of lips as if a magnet, attracts men. It is associated with fire, passion and sensuality. However many ladies prefer not to use red lipstick in a make-up as are afraid to look too provocatively or vulgarly.
How to make children's manicure Beauty and health
Как сделать детский маникюрMy five-year-old daughter always with interest observes how I do myself manicure. Often takes a nail file and tries to repeat after me. And from its constant requests "make up also to me nails a red varnish", I do not know where to get to. Perhaps the child should trying to make manicure?
How to clean nosogubny folds Beauty and health
Как убрать носогубные складкиMy school friend, wishing to become more attractive, invented different exercises to get rid of characteristic nosogubny folds. And inflated balloons, and even pasted on the person an adhesive plaster for the night. But except the expressed face edema of anything it was impossible to it.
Hair loss after the delivery Beauty and health
Выпадение волос после родовMany women after the delivery face such unpleasant problem as a hair loss. Both masks do, and vitamins drink, and hair both poured, and pour. All the matter is that it is necessary to approach the solution of this problem in a complex.
How to use a concealer for the person Cosmetics and perfumery
Как пользоваться консилером для лицаStill in the ancient time the Roman matrons used gifts of the nature to emphasize the beauty. Various voice-frequency cream and a mask used in Egypt, Babylon. Here and today women of the whole world dream to become still a krasha. Fortunately, present cosmetic preparations allow to achieve improbable results.
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