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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to grow a beard
Как отрастить бородуThe beard was always considered as a courage sign at men. Today it is also a stylish element in image. The man with a beard always attracts attention and is perceived by surrounding people as the owner of internal freedom and determination.
Use of oil of not role
Применение масла неролиAt the phrase "not role oil", probably, everyone draws unprecedented somewhat eccentric fruit or some intricate plant of which it is made in the imagination. Actually everything is much simpler, and nicknamed so this essential oil not thanks to the name of the primogenitor of the same name at all.
How to steam out a face in house conditions
Как распарить лицо в домашних условияхThe special place among ways of care of skin is taken by a rasparivaniye. Specialists cosmetologists recommend to apply this method of deep clarification terms before drawing masks or srubs. It is proved that similar procedure expands a time, promotes elimination of various pollution and fat, and also improves blood circulation and work of sebaceous glands.
Application of rose-petals
Применение лепестков розыRose – a symbol of love and beauty, but its value far not only in appearance. Since ancient times the rose is applied in many spheres of our life: to medicine, cookery, cosmetology, perfumery and even decor. The most high potential is hidden in themselves by its petals therefore we will speak about them today.
Advantage of thawed snow
Польза талой водыAll know of advantage of thawed snow, but not everyone knows in what it consists. If it is about the thawed snow somewhere in mountains, it is natural that such water will be pure and curative. But how to be to residents of megalopolises? Actually useful thawed snow can be prepared at itself in kitchen.
Technology of the Chinese massage
Техника китайского массажаThe Chinese massage is famous for the unusual properties for a long time – it promotes not only to improvement of a physical state, but also helps to balance all vital processes, in particular, mood of the person. Today will in more detail tell about ancient technology of the Chinese massage.
Advantage of pearl bathtubs
Польза жемчужных ваннAs it is possible to imagine much, having heard only one name of this procedure. Certainly, with pearls the bathtub has a little general, but here the advantage of it can be highly appreciated very much. One course of treatment will put your organism in order, will force to forget about stresses and will restore a metabolism. As — we will also tell today.
Use of sesame oil
Применение кунжутного маслаSesame much is known for the seeds, they are often used in cookery at baking of bakery products. But also also oil of seeds of this plant which is included into the three of the most useful vegetable oils of the world enjoys wide popularity.
What is the glitter of a tattoo
Что такое глиттер татуEvery day there are all new and new ways to decorate a female image, to make it more distinguished, original and sexual. Glitter of a tattoo is one of such shifts and is capable to change any appearance. What is the glitter of a tattoo and where they can be applied, read in our article.
Use of cocoa butter
Применение масла какаоCocoa butter - one of the most fragrant solid oils, is actively used not only for creation of sweets, but also in cosmetology and even for treatment of some diseases. Oil with aroma of chocolate possesses the toning and wound healing action.
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