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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Treatment of a gemangioma at newborns
Лечение гемангиомы у новорожденныхThe pleasure of the birth of the kid, unfortunately, sometimes is saddened by some diseases. And the speck which appeared on skin, sometimes at once a little which in medicine gemangiomam are called, immediately cause actually a panic in young parents and tens questions. Today we will try to answer each of them.
Noise in heart at the child
Шумы в сердце у ребенкаCardiovascular system - the beginning of all beginnings in our organism. Under the name heart depends on a condition of powerful muscular body health of the person and his quality of life in general. That is why, when the doctor reports about noise in the child's heart, all mothers without exception panic.
Diabetic foot, symptoms and treatment
Диабетическая стопа, симптомы и лечениеDiabetes – a disease not only widespread, but also artful. After all occurs not only increase of amount of glucose in a blood-groove, but also gradual pathological changes in kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system are stated.
How to process the newborn's navel
Как обрабатывать пупок новорожденногоFrom the moment of conception to birth, the kid and mother are connected by one "thread" which is called as an umbilical cord. It renders huge value for development of a fruit in a womb, however this education is removed at the birth of the baby. Quicker to zazhivit and eliminate risk of infection of an umbilical wound, it is necessary to look after it correctly.
Disturbing frustration, symptoms and treatment
Тревожные расстройства, симптомы и лечениеIn the remarkable Soviet animated film "Through the Looking-Glass" the Black Queen says the phrase which with a surprising accuracy characterizes way of modern life: "Here it is necessary to run at full speed only to remain on the same place and to get to other place, it is necessary to run twice quicker". As if speaks about us, isn't that so?
Reaction to a mant at children
Реакция манту у детейModern parents treat vaccination watchfully. And if with typically children's diseases inoculations (measles, "mumps", whooping cough) more or less everything is clear, notorious and at the same time mysterious test Manta causes the mass of questions. Really, how small "button" on skin will protect the kid from tuberculosis?
The raised testosterone at women
Повышенный тестостерон у женщинSome mistakenly call testosterone exclusively man's hormone, after all it strongly is associated with "the man's force". It is considered that its level in blood defines not only external signs of courage, but also sexual behavior. Really, testosterone is the main hormone which is present at blood of any representative of a strong half of mankind.
How to get rid of panic attacks
Как избавиться от панических атакAll of us often are anxious: for the future, for health of relatives, for progress of children at school. So the person treats things really expensive to his heart in life. Alarm - useful emotion. With its help an organism, developing stress hormones, copes with problems easier. When the alarm gains pathological lines, the person falls a victim of panic attack.
Female condoms
Женские презервативыMany heard about them, some only guess their existence and very few people tried to use. Why to buy something novel and new if there is a traditional man's condom which in the market of contraceptives is not going to concede the positions. Today suggests to talk about female condoms, their efficiency and, of course, about the instruction on use.
Natural antibiotics
Природные антибиотикиIn the nature there are many products and plants by means of which it is possible to treat various diseases. With success to replace unhealthy the person pharmaceutical drugs natural antibiotics will help.
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