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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Use of tincture of a calendula
Применение настойки календулы already told the readers about useful properties of a calendula medicinal. But there is a lot of preparations having a calendula in structure. Sometimes happens that there is no time to prepare infusion from the dried-up raw materials. Then it is possible to resort to already available calendula tincture. Range of its application is very wide. Let's talk about it in more detail.
Morenazal's application
Применение МореназалаAs it is frequent, especially during the spring and autumn period, we are influenced by such consequence of cold or manifestation of an allergy as cold. And not to you to tell me, what inconvenience and discomfort, it represents. As soon as do not try to fight against this symptom: both by medicamentous methods (different nasal drops), and folk remedies.
Laktofiltrum's application
Применение ЛактофильтрумаEven more often in the lexicon people use such words as "stress", "an organism zashlakovannost", "dysbacteriosis", "an imbalance in a metabolism", "weak immunity". These states differ, but there is at them the general causal factor – modern style and a way of life at which among cares, vanity, efforts and alarms people do not find free time to be engaged in the health.
Preparations for digestion improvement
Препараты для улучшения пищеваренияIt is only enough to person to look at food as the organism already starts preparing for digestion process. In a brain signals which force bodies of system of digestion to produce digestive juice and enzymes are formed. However such events as a festive feast make a certain danger to an organism and create discomfort in work of digestive system.
Use of Afobazole
Применение АфобазолаSome people not absolutely correctly react to stressful situations, their nervous system glitches. And if nerves on a limit when the concern seizes you, does not allow to live joyfully and measuredly, the organism needs the help. And this subject is very actual. In increasing frequency it is possible to hear advertizing of the preparation Afobazole on television channels. Many people reflect – whether not to buy it?
Ointment Akriderm, application
Мазь Акридерм, применениеMeans for external use Akriderm of group of companies is the combined preparation, many skin diseases having medical effect at treatment. But independent treatment sometimes leads to deterioration of a state of health. From article readers learn about medical effects, by-effects, contraindications and methods of application of this medicine.
Application of a pine-forest uterus
Применение боровой маткиThe pine-forest uterus belongs to centuries to proven means of traditional medicine. It helped many women to get rid of various gynecologic diseases, to become pregnant, take out the long-awaited kid and to become happy mothers though the diagnosis – infertility was made to them. And not only at female diseases the pine-forest uterus is recommended. About its medicinal properties, indications to application the speech will also go.
Treatment by a sabelnik
Лечение сабельникомIn traditional medicine used a rhizome and elevated part of the inhabitant of bogs and lakes for a long time – the dekopa capable as if a saber to cut joint pains, rheumatism, osteochondrosis. Many people were helped by this wonderful doctor who then received also other name – a sabelnik, to get rid of the bothered crutches, to be unbent and again to return to an active and vigorous way of life.
Application of the Ibuprofen
Применение ИбупрофенаNone of us are not insured from pain – head, articulate, tooth, after operations and injuries … Sometimes pain develops at the most inappropriate moment, trying to overset our plans, disturbing work, the forthcoming scheduled meetings. Then Ibuprofen tablets can come to the rescue. They are appointed often to patients at complex treatment surgeons, traumatologists, nephrologists, therapists.
Application mumiyo
Применение мумиёThe nature gives many surprising means to the person for disposal of diseases. Today we will tell to the readers of mysterious and unusual substance which is used long since not only healers, but also the diplomaed doctors of different specializations. And there is a lot of names at this means – mountain balm, "rock juice", "mountain blood". But the most known of them – mumiyo.
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