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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Planning of a sex of the child
Планирование пола ребенкаThe child to order is almost dream. Sometimes even it is a pity that children's beliefs about babies whom buy in shop, it only the fairy tale. However, planning of a sex of future kid is not the myth, and not imaginations, but quite scientific fact. Already today there are techniques allowing to affect in advance that, the boy or the girl will be born in your family.
Fear of childbirth
Страх перед родамиPregnancy – the mysterious and surprising period in the woman's life. Already passed the first disorders and pleasure from news that you will become a mother. Here already and the kid not simply turns at you in a tummy, and constantly plays there soccer! And the date of childbirth is closer, the more you worry and afraid... That only the woman will not change the mind before childbirth!
Pregnancy - the last months before childbirth
Беременность - последние месяцы перед родамиThe term of pregnancy passed in 30 weeks. Remained absolutely a little bit. It seems that only recently you on pleasures reported to relatives about the pregnancy. And here already and time of childbirth comes nearer. On the one hand, very quickly passed time, on the other hand – you passed a huge way.
We prepare for the seventh month of pregnancy
Готовимся к седьмому месяцу беременностиBy seventh month of pregnancy the woman manages to get used to the new state and copes with the arising difficulties. What now your child? Its weight can be slightly more than one kilogram, and growth reaches 35 cm.
You on the sixth month of pregnancy
Вы на шестом месяце беременностиFor many women the sixth month of pregnancy – the best time. Right now you have the most fresh complexion, you were rounded and became even more beautiful, than before pregnancy. If before the increase in weight was a little noticeable, on the sixth month already everything becomes clear that you expect a baby.
Pregnancy, fifth month
Беременность, пятый месяцThere passed a half of pregnancy. Now, on the fifth month of pregnancy, you feel much better, than at the beginning of a way. There was an inflow of forces, the good mood became your satellite, the organism got used to the new state and works, as hours. Your skin looks perfectly, and the person simply shines. Believe that it indeed!
Fourth month of pregnancy
Четвертый месяц беременностиThe fourth month of pregnancy is one of the most important months. Right now most of women starts feeling the movement of a fruit. It is the first, incomparable pleasure when you suddenly suddenly feel a push from within.
Third month of pregnancy
Третий месяц беременностиHere already and third month of pregnancy. You already got used to changes in an organism, to new feelings. Know what exactly during this period already starts working for a fruit an urinary system, a liver already develops bile, an internal continues the development. Bodies of sexual system are already created, but on ultrasonography it will be possible to define a sex of future child not earlier than in a month.
Pregnancy, from the eighth to the tenth week
Беременность, с восьмой по десятую неделюNow it is impossible to reduce the caloric content of products, or to use various mono diets which impoverish an organism vitamins. But it is not necessary to think that now you have to eat "for two" as some senior girlfriends and relatives can advise you. Everything is good moderately.
First days and weeks of pregnancy
Первые дни и недели беременностиLet's hope that you planned the birth of the child. It is the best way, it is not necessary to rely on a case. There was a conception. One, most bright and brisk spermatozoon wishing to become a being reasonable reached some fetal egg of the woman and laid the foundation of new life. The significant event occurred!
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