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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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What water should be drunk
Какую воду стоит питьThe human body for 60% consists of water. Every day it is vital to drink 1.5 liters of liquid. For the life of people on average drinks 75 tons of water. You are horrified by quality of that water which flows from our cranes. So what water should be drunk that not only not to do much harm to itself, but also to improve health. Let's try to understand.
All truth about carbonated drinks
Вся правда о газированных напиткахWe drink "aerated water", sometimes without reflecting on that harm which they can cause to our organism. And this harm is nevertheless quite great about what societies on consumer protection in many countries go on. So producers of carbonated drinks behind bright labels and advertizing promotion hide from us? Let's understand.
Healthy nutrition, councils of the stomatologist
Правильное питание, советы стоматологаWhat it is necessary to do to prevent diseases of teeth? First of all, it is necessary to eat properly. Such factors as hygiene of a mouth, heredity and others are also very important concerning health of teeth, however the healthy nutrition plays after all the leading role in preservation of stomatologic health.
How to pass to vegetarian food
Как перейти на вегетарианское питаниеAmong a set of diets and power supply systems most of all of copies it is broken concerning vegetarianism. Supporters and opponents argue a set of years and cannot reach a compromise. Researches and proofs of both one, and other point of view are multiplied, and suggests you to understand subtleties of a vegetarian power supply system together.
Medical starvation
Лечебное голоданиеAt all times were, there will be people who, adhering to religious customs, follow a certain image of food, i.e. fast. Many even do not reflect that the post can give not only spiritual strength and strengthen belief, and and due to clarification of an organism is considerable to improve a physical state and health of the person.
The products raising a potentiality
Продукты, повышающие потенциюThe food which gets to us to an organism influences bodies and systems, including the sexual. One products are not reflected in force of a sexual inclination in any way, and others on the contrary, cause explosion of passion as though "out of the blue". In what business? It appears that products, vitamin-rich A, E, B, strengthen transfer of nervous impulses.
Rice diet
Рисовая диетаProblem of excess weight, and in most cases it is simple "not pleasant" to the hostess, excites practically each woman. How to relieve itself of unnecessary kilograms, thus, without doing harm to an internal, we argue on the example of a rice diet right now.
All truth about energy drinks
Вся правда об энергетических напиткахQuite recently in the markets there were energy drinks which with an unprecedented speed start gaining popularity. The drink jar removes a dream as a hand at the beginning. But whether so everything is good and cloudless in the use of power engineering specialists? From where miracle energy undertakes? All truth about these drinks is stated by in this article.
Addiction to chocolate – what to do
Пристрастие к шоколаду – что делатьWhether dependence on chocolate can develop, really, at the person? The researches conducted by scientists showed that the shokoladomaniya has some signs, the general with alcoholism and drug addiction: most of those who realizes the addiction to chocolate, noted that eat it too much, and it creates them certain difficulties.
Kinds of a kefiric diet
Разновидности кефирной диетыAll know that a diet – one of the most effective ways to lose excess weight and to bring the figure into a form. Diets happen different: difficult and simple, long and short, expensive and economical. In this article will tell only about one diet rather to group of diets – kefiric diets.
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