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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Laktatsionny crisis
Лактационный кризHaving grown up the senior daughter on lack of experience on artificial mixes, I for myself resolved that I will give to the second child all the best, namely – a maternal milk. But anybody, even the most dairy, skilled mummy is not insured from artful laktatsionny crisis. During such periods the child needs more milk, than for this moment the mother's breast develops.
Care of elderly people
Уход за пожилыми людьмиMothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers are they throughout all life surround us with love and care, support during the most difficult periods of life. But passes time, we mature, grow old our native, and here already it, but not we need care. Unfortunately, our parents not eternal therefore hurry to be near them, surround with heat and love.
How to save on utilities
Как сэкономить на коммунальных услугахThe question of economy for all and everyone is actual. It concerns also expenses on utilities for which we with identical frequency pay. Whether if to wonder "It is possible to save and pay less", the answer is unambiguous. It is possible to reduce expenses on utilities. Actually, it is enough to pay attention how we consume light, water, gas and heat.
When to start brushing teeth to the child
Когда начинать чистить зубы ребенкуWhen at the child the first teeth start appearing, any mother will start thinking of a question of toothbrushing. After all first everything depends on it, how she will teach the child to look after herself. And to prevent emergence of caries from early age, it is necessary to look after teeth, and every day! From what age and how, also I want to tell.
How to re-educate the spoiled child
Как перевоспитать избалованного ребенкаMany consider that between the words "not well-mannered" and "spoilt" it is possible to put an equal-sign. Only it not so. The spoiled child considers himself all-powerful. Always everything was permitted to it, any its whim was executed. In the future to the spoiled child it will be heavy. When he receives everything according to the first requirement, he starts treating also and the world.
How to teach the child to draw
Как научить ребенка рисоватьDrawing – very useful occupation. And in a case with children drawing is necessary occupation for development of imagination and logic, creative thinking and a small motility. In this article readers will be able to get acquainted with stage-by-stage steps in training of the child in the fine arts. And also will find some original ideas for fascinating house lessons.
The computer in training of the preschool child
Компьютер в обучении дошкольникаAcquaintance to the computer happens all at earlier age. Today even two-year-old children not bad are guided in opportunities of the virtual world. On what it is necessary to pay attention to the parents what to the developing programs to give preference, and what role is carried out by the computer in the preschool child's life, will help to understand.
How to disaccustom the child to suck a finger
Как отучить ребенка сосать палецTo many parents this problem is known not by hearsay, and they are at war every day with the child trying to disaccustom him to suck a finger. One use for this purpose mustard, garlic. Others – frighten the child. But widely known methods not always yield result. So to do? First, to understand the reasons. Secondly, to look for problem solutions by the acceptable methods.
Choice of school of early development
Выбор школы раннего развитияThe parents wishing to develop the child by the most effective and progressive techniques quite often give preference to the professional help which can be received at schools of early development. Teachers from special schools will help not only to teach the kid to read and consider, but also to broaden his horizons, to impart love to creativity and to develop social skills.
Development of logical thinking in children
Развитие логического мышления у детейIn the first years of life the kid spends with parents much time. It is the important period when the little man learns the world round himself. Parents want to give as much as possible to the child during this period. In this regard I want to pay your attention to one important party of development of the kid – formation of logical thinking. In the form of games and fascinating tasks.
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