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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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How to struggle with the whitefly
Как бороться с белокрылкойIt would seem, small, capable to fly, the insects who are slightly reminding pack of moths – and what big harm can do to flowers, vegetable cultures! It is possible to notice them on a window plant or in the greenhouse. suggests to talk about what danger bear whiteflies and methods of fight against it.
Landing and care of an astrantion
Посадка и уход за астранциейPlentifully and long blossoming astrantion it is possible to carry to those flowers leaving for which does not demand many forces and time. This perennial of botany is carried to family umbrella, that is it is the distant relative to a celery and fennel.
Plum grades
Сорта сливыGet prettier the plums differing in high efficiency, a skoroplodnost a prisposablivayemost to those conditions in which they appeared, grow up in the different countries of the world. And if you think to get a sapling for the garden, will help not to become puzzled among a large number of grades.
Coneflower, landing and leaving
Рудбекия, посадка и уходEverything in life takes its course. After bright summer not less elegant fall comes. And though the heavenly body is closed even more often by terrible and gloomy clouds are it does not matter, after all in front gardens and on beds at entrances of houses small "suns" – coneflower flowers reveal.
Useful properties of a cornel
Полезные свойства кизилаCornel fruits – one more of pleasant and useful gifts of fall. At the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus the cornel is a symbol of endurance.
Advantage and harm of plums
Польза и вред сливPlum – popular both in south countries, and in the territory of a midland of Russia a kostochkovy tree. In bumper-crop years towards the end of August of its branch bend from weight of juicy, mature plums. It is necessary even to put props. Mature fruits not only are tasty, but also are useful.
Day lilies, landing and leaving
Лилейники, посадка и уходIn recent years gardeners have an opportunity to buy hybrid grades of unpretentious day lilies with different forms of a flower and the sizes, the invoice of petals, wide range of flowers and shades. First of all these perennial plants are valuable to those who comes on a country site only on days off, holidays and during holiday, after all they do not demand special leaving.
How to get rid of a provolochnik
Как избавиться от проволочникаAmong wreckers of crops, in particular, of potatoes, important for residents of our country, special danger is constituted by Colorado beetles and provolochnik. As soon as the noticeable bug starts eating a tops of vegetable, so gardeners right there start fight against it. And here a provolochnik it is not visible therefore he secretly and slowly manages the "dark affairs" underground.
Khosta, landing and care of it
Хоста, посадка и уход за нейIt is possible to call quickly breeding hosts which main advantage are the beautiful decorative leaves keeping an attractive look all summer season good addition for any garden. They are unpretentious, remarkably grow even in a shadow, are steady against a drought and cold weather.
Spirey, landing and leaving
Спирея, посадка и уходIf you select the blossoming bushes for the garden, by all means pay attention on spireyu, belonging to family of the pink. It has a graceful foliage, dense krone, and inflorescences magnificent.
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