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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of mascarpone cheese
Рецепт сыра маскарпонеAccording to Italians to compare mascarpone to simple cream cheese - the same what to argue on "Mona Lisa" as about a usual picture. Imagine the most delicate air mass which melts in the mouth, spreading delicate creamy aromas …
Application of pepper halapenyo
Применение перца халапеньоHalapenyo is one of grades of chili peppers. However the pepper sizes halapenyo exceed the size of average chili peppers a little. This pepper is gathered usually from beds still the green. Thus its average length makes about five-nine centimeters. Today this pepper is mainly grown up in the Mexican city of Jalapa that in the state Veracruz.
Use of spice assafetida
Применение специи асафетидаAromatic pitch of roots of such plant as Ferula asafoetida is called as assafetida. This spice also has the name a hing, ilan or asmargok. Sometimes it also call feruly smelly, bad spirit and a devil's stake. Because of specific properties it is used only in small amounts.
Recipe of the Vienna cookies
Рецепт венского печеньяTaste of the Vienna cookies many sign since the childhood. Despite simplicity of the recipe and a minimum of ingredients, cookies it turns out very tasty and fragrant. recommends the Vienna cookies to give for a cup of unsweetened black tea.
Advantage of porridge
Польза овсянкиWant to become healthy, strong and beautiful? Then you need to eat oats. Do not know, what tasty and easy dishes to prepare from ordinary porridge? We will help to learn more about porridge and its useful properties.
Recipe of baked pudding from macaroni
Рецепт запеканки из макаронMy daughter very much loves baked pudding which they are given in a garden. Having heard the familiar words "today for dinner we do baked pudding", runs on kitchen and with pleasure is ready to help. Today will share with you a secret of preparation of macaroni baked pudding.
How to prepare vegetable marrows
Как приготовить кабачкиPerhaps, this vegetable is considered the most widespread, and in each house the hostess has the recipe of preparation of vegetable marrows. And when there comes the marrow season, from a fruitful vegetable marrow it is possible to prepare hundreds of the most tasty dishes.
Recipe of a biscuit pie
Рецепт бисквитного тортаIn spite of the fact that the biscuit pastries seem quite simple, it has a mass of options. From a classical biscuit to pastries on sunflower oil and lemonade. And if you want to surprise house with something tasty and unusual, one of biscuit options, it that is necessary. And today will tell how to prepare an unusual biscuit pie.
The recipe of a rabbit in sour cream
Рецепт кролика в сметанеBecause meat of a rabbit is considered food dietary, it hostesses, such as, not so often cook the same chicken. Really, rabbit flesh dishes not for every day. But if it is correct to prepare it, it can become your crown dish. Today will tell how tasty to prepare a rabbit in sour cream.
Recipe of marinated oyster mushrooms
Рецепт маринованных вешенокThese mushrooms are popular and tasty. Each hostess has the small secret of preparation of mushrooms of oyster mushrooms. And today will teach you as it is simple, and, above all, tasty to pickle an oyster mushroom.
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