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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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Credit vacation
Кредитные каникулыAmong borrowers there are a lot of those who is not capable to estimate correctly the opportunities, as a result become debtors of bank. And the situation with world financial crisis only aggravated a situation, having added to ranks of defaulters of the dismissed citizens. In such situation to hide and only to accumulate a debt – not the best exit. There are more acceptable decisions.
How to avoid deception at a currency exchange
Как избежать обмана при обмене валютAt the time of crisis, the exchange rate grows before the eyes. Simple inhabitants, and businessmen try to keep the savings, by transfer of our currency to the foreign. But also swindlers do not doze! Persons interested it is illegally to be enriched on a currency exchange becomes more increasing. How to avoid deception at exchange operations today will tell
Fraud with plastic cards
Мошенничество с пластиковыми картамиThe Russian people always loved "freebie". Can therefore in our country fraud prospered and prospers. Today will tell you how not to fall into a trap "flimflammers" and to save the money when using of ATMs and terminals. I will begin with vital history...
We invest in vending massage chairs
Инвестируем в вендинговые массажные креслаThe CEO of the JSC Tekhnologii Prikosnoveniya company Litvishko Oleg imparts experience: "Now according to the main list of positions, such as house massage chairs, manual masseurs, massage capes, we see stagnation and even a certain reduction of sales volume. At the same time the total sales grow at the expense of the only model – vending massage chairs".
Rules of behavior during crisis
Правила поведения во время кризисаHow many would not speak about crisis on television, did not write in newspapers – it always seems the ephemeral and insignificant phenomenon. Only when it will not come to you to a house threshold, you will not begin to panic. How to behave not to get to an awkward financial situation, to remain afloat and even to hammer together the small capital – read in this article.
How to earn on crisis
Как заработать на кризисеLet's understand because of what it arose and what it is necessary to expect? On this question hardly there will be two economists with a consensus just as there is no consensus also for the reasons of developing of the Great world depression 29-33kh years and a default in Russia in August, 1998. There are two main concepts of emergence of world financial crisis 2008.
Advertizing formula, review of the second: ATL and BTL
Формула рекламы, обзор второй: ATL и BTLEach advertiser asks a question how more effectively to spend the advertizing budget. What it is ideal advertizing? We exist a set of ways: Newspapers magazines, Radio, Televidenye Internet, billboards and the other other. In this review we will try to remove the Formula for Internet of Advertising. But about the beginning we will be defined that is the cornerstone of such formula.
How to avoid the conflicts in family business
Как избежать конфликтов в семейном бизнесеRather family business there are two points of view: relatives cannot organize the successful and prospering business owing to the relations which developed between them (confidential or, on the contrary, mistrustful). Relatives are capable to create steadily progressing structure. And surprisingly both opinions have firm practical confirmations.
That it is necessary to know about the credits
Что нужно знать о кредитахSuch banking product as crediting, now is at popularity peak. Without having in a pocket kopeks, everyone is able to afford any whim. Banks are guaranteed that an overpayment for goods it is on credit insignificant it is small, and even in general is absent. Whether so it actually? In what sum finally the "cheap" credits pour out?
Sale of hair as a way to earn
Продажа волос как способ заработатьPeople started earning on sale of hair for a long time – after all the best wigs were made of natural hair (and now become). To sell hair it is necessary to have to start them. Only long hair are suitable for sale (from 25 cm), it is better if not colored and without streaks of gray – but also gray-haired, and colored too approach, simply cost cheaper.
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