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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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Techniques of trainings on track and field athletics Summer types
Методики тренировок по легкой атлетикеOnce before parents there is a choice: whether to send the child to sport, and if an affirmative answer – that to what sport. If you think of that your child grew up healthy and comprehensively developed and besides could earn quite good money (and to drive about on the international competitions), his way over time – a way to track and field athletics.
Techniques of football trainings Summer types
Методики футбольных тренировокMost of the modern young people who connected the life with sport choose between soccer and hockey as the most popular command sports. In this article we will make accurate practical recommendations to young football players: as it is correct to build training process, to what technique of trainings to address as it is correct to realize the game potential.
How to learn to skate Winter types
Как научиться кататься на конькахSkating remains very popular sport in which with pleasure both adults, and children are engaged. If you still even did not think of joining number of his fans, never late to make it. To skate, as well as to dance, it is possible to learn at any age.
Secrets of martial arts Exercises
Секреты боевых искусствEveryone sees things in own way, so, and to understand everyone has to itself. Therefore such teacher thinks: what does the pupil have to make to understand the same, what he understands? As a result there can be a set of exercises and the directions, following which the pupil has to get understanding and skills on which the teacher counts.
We grow thin with a massage hoop Sports goods
Худеем с массажным обручемMassage hoop - the latest exercise machine not only for maintenance of a good form, but also for its formation. Are used for various problems connected with your health, one of which a problem of excess weight. Thanks to ease in application and the highest efficiency hoops without effort and for a short time will help to cope to you with this problem.
How to choose sports sneakers Sports goods
Как выбрать спортивные кроссовкиIn article we will speak about requirements which are imposed to characteristics of sneakers for each sport separately. It is important to consider these wishes which performance will help you to reach quicker than results at a loading minimum. We will bring some popular models which underwent testing into the help and are in demand.
Morning exercises Exercises
Утренняя зарядкаWhat prevents to ensure high spirits and a good physical tone of an organism since the morning? It is necessary to devote only some minutes to morning physical exercises. At these words many automatically start thinking out various justifications supposedly since morning and so forces on anything is not present, and time is not enough and in general somewhere heard that it is very harmful.
Mistakes of beginners in a gym Exercises
Ошибки новичков в тренажерном залеTo be engaged in the body, to pump up muscles, to become the bodybuilder – all this similar formulations of one question by which almost everyone was set once. And the question consists in, whether it is time for me to go to be engaged to a gym. In this article will consider ten typical, i.e. most extended for beginners delusions and mistakes.
Sports food Sports goods
Спортивное питаниеOne of components of successful sports career is the correct diet. It and volume yes shape of muscles, and thickness of a fatty layer, and power parameters of muscles, and many other things. The structure of a diet is developed for achievement of the necessary purposes at the microlevel – how many proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microcells and when the athlete specifically has to receive.
Choice of ski sticks Sports goods
Выбор лыжных палокIf before a choice of skis and boots the majority nevertheless reflect what it is better, with ski sticks everything is a little differently. Many think that any will approach. For children often buy sticks more long, than it is necessary, so to speak, "for growth". Also it is a big mistake. It is necessary to approach a choice of ski sticks not less exactingly.
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