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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Holding a tea ceremony It is useful to know
Проведение чайной церемонииNobody is able to taste so amber drink as people of the East. In Japan and China a tea ceremony – the most ancient tradition. Its culture is inseparable from art and a way of life. But it is possible to organize tea ceremonies not only in east countries, and and in any house. To observe all nuances, maybe it will not be possible, but the main thing to carry out the basic rules of this bewitching action. Which, knows.
How to entertain guests It is useful to know
Как развлечь гостейHere also the holiday comes nearer. Relatives, friends will come, the hostess will lay a table, all will take seat and … And what further? Ate, drank, still ate, communicated, sang a karaoke. This plan is familiar to all. And how to diversify the cultural program of a house sit-round gathering?
Useful properties of green tea It is useful to know
Полезные свойства зеленого чаяAssociations which arise at the mention of green tea, it is a beautiful tea ceremony, amber drink, transparent, magnificent on taste, which will not be compared to anything another. About advantage of green tea it is possible to talk for hours. Give together with we will understand that, green tea and as it is correct to use it is how useful.
Books which should be read It is useful to know
Книги, которые стоит прочитатьWas to read always and it will be fashionable. It is possible to argue on it to blue in the face and sleeps, but it actually so. Books are called not for nothing "the best friends" and "spiritual food", after all they are the main source of knowledge and developments of intelligence.
Cultivation of hens on a personal plot It is useful to know
Разведение кур на приусадебном участкеI am engaged in poultry farming long ago. My hobby, besides moral satisfaction, allows to have always on a table fresh eggs and tasty juicy meat. In this article I want to share with readers of experience of cultivation of laying hens.
Review of the movie Hungry games: Also the flame will flash Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Голодные игры: И вспыхнет пламяHere also the long-awaited event of 2013 came true. Fans of the whole world with ecstasy waited for a premiere of the second part of the blockbuster about fiery Katniss Everdeen.
How to write the poem It is useful to know
Как написать стихотворениеPerhaps, most of readers of anyway rhymed lines for school KVNs, congratulations on holidays or simply sloppings of emotions. And also the majority threw this business, including themselves insufficiently capable.
What to present for new year 2014 Holidays
Что подарить на новый год 2014New Year, perhaps, the most favourite holiday. The New Year's Eve vanity shrouded in magic, expectations, laughter and splashes of champagne – that can be better! And the most pleasant efforts are, of course, a choice of surprises for the family "under a fir-tree". Let's sort together what to present for new year 2014 and what gift will be the most expected and desired.
How to meet New year 2014 Holidays
Как встречать Новый год 2014Everything is thinner and the detachable calendar card is thinner every day. Eventful days fly quickly, not far off already disturbing date – on December 31 when all of us meet New 2014.
Review of the movie of Torahs 2: Darkness kingdom Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Тор 2: Царство тьмыThe film studio of Marvel continues to please admirers of the invented world and stamps screen versions of the drawn stories with a surprising speed and even more surprising quality.
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