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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Reasons and overcoming of children's fears Psychology of the personality
Причины и преодоление детских страховAnd you know, what under a bed there lives the monster, in a case the skeleton hides? Is not present? Then take an interest at children. Fears – the phenomenon, normal for children's mentality. But is also such that disturb normal activity of the child, his adaptation in collective and leave a mark on all further life. As to fight with them, will tell you in this article.
Perception of problems Psychology of the personality
Восприятие проблемPsychologists claim that we can quite solve all sorrows and troubles. It is necessary only to try to find "key". There is a set of the theories connected with the description of human behavior at collision with a problem. Of course, emotions and perception of a stressful situation at each person different, but, nevertheless, similar signs nevertheless are available.
What to do, if friendship in burden Psychology of the relations
Что делать, если дружба в тягостьPsychologists for certain can give the answer to such question. "But not to go in each occasion to the psychologist behind council", – I solved, and asked for the help my palsy-walsy. All of them different, all have the opinion, but it, perhaps, even is good – you never know what situations happen – and at the wide range there is a chance that though one council yes is necessary to a place.
How to get rid of addictions Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от вредных привычекNot all is possible to get rid of "favourite" habits. Lie that custom is second nature. Actually, a habit – the first nature. By and large, the habit is ourselves. For this reason the victory over an addiction is a victory over itself, and as ancient Greeks spoke, it is the biggest victory.
How to bring up in itself the leader Psychology of the personality
Как воспитать в себе лидераAre not born leaders, become leaders. Psychologists developed a set of systems and ways of development of psychology of the leader and leadership skills long ago. In this article will consider some psychological exercises as there is a lot of them and most of each other supplement or alter.
How to remember the forgotten Psychology of the personality
Как вспомнить забытоеYou so often we lose expensive things and we forget significant dates. And on the way to shop from the head the small list of purchases, so to you necessary takes off. In what the reason? How to make so that we always remembered what is necessary for us? The solution consists of two stages: to learn qualitatively to remember, learn to remember that dropped out of memory.
How to change the character Psychology of the personality
Как изменить свой характерHow many people – are so much and characters. Two identical people are not present and even the twins indistinguishable at first sight, on the second appear absolutely different people. Character of the person causes his acts of which there is a life. suggests you to track of what there is a character and whether it is possible to change it.
How to define temperament type Psychology of the personality
Как определить тип темпераментаAs it is frequent, communicating with people, we should be surprised to a difference between us. The perception, speed of decision-making or even simply speed of movements happen absolutely different. We suggest to deal with types of temperaments of the person and to define their pluses and minuses, and also if wish, to pass a test and to learn, what temperament at you.
How to overcome crisis of middle age Psychology of the personality
Как преодолеть кризис среднего возрастаAbout crisis of middle age it is written and govoreno much. And still many do not perceive this problem seriously. As a rule, it occurs exactly until this state does not strike directly on sceptics. Here any more not to irony, attempts to understand and somehow to cope with crisis take away a set of sincere forces.
About what to speak with the girl Psychology of the relations
О чем говорить с девушкойLet's say you invited the girl to appointment. Or other way created a situation, when you together. Or she arose – in the train, for example. Generally, differently happens. But there is a moment when you understand that it is necessary to tell something and what exactly – is unclear. Because at school do not teach it and at home usually too …
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