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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Clarification of hair cinnamon Hairstyles and hairdresses
Осветление волос корицейIf you do not wish to spoil hair aggressive paints, it is possible to try an interesting method of clarification of hair by means of cinnamon. It will clarify your head of hear on some tones, and also will add to hair delightful gloss and volume.
Use of oil of a geranium Beauty and health
Применение масла гераниBright flowers of a geranium together with its sharp aroma are decoration of window sills of many apartments. But very few people know that from this plant extract the most valuable essential oil capable even more beautiful to cure many diseases and to do a body of the person.
Skulpturirovany persons Beauty and health
Скульптурирование лицаThe correct face form – one of the main components of female beauty. Naturally, the nature created all of us absolutely different, each person is individual and in it there is nothing bad. But whatever were our genetic data, we can always become a little closer to perfection, having favourably emphasized appearance advantages by means of decorative cosmetics.
Treatment of cracks on heels Beauty and health
Лечение трещин на пяткахCracks on heels are familiar very many, they can appear at any time: both in the winter, and in the summer, at people of different age. They bear in themselves danger of entering of an infection, bring huge discomfort when walking and carrying footwear. Today we suggest to deal with the reasons and ways of treatment of cracks on heels.
Use of oil of rosemary Beauty and health
Применение масла розмаринаIts saturated aroma with a grassy and mint shade attracts and attracts. It weakens and cures of many diseases. At rosemary oil – a wide range of actions. It can be inhaled, rubbed in skin and to add to cosmetic masks.
How to bring salts out of an organism Beauty and health
Как вывести соли из организмаMany salts in an organism can face everyone. First this problem seems "pustyachkovy", but with the expiration of time on this soil diseases of a backbone and joints that threatens with serious consequences often develop. For this reason, each of us has to be familiar with methods of removal of salts from an organism. Today will also tell about them.
Technology of Tantric massage Beauty and health
Техника тантрического массажаFor many the phrase "Tantric massage" bears in itself something novel and mysterious. Many of us have of it no idea, and some rank such massage to erotic, giving sexual pleasure. But first of all it needs to be perceived not as technology of massage, and as a certain expression of a state of mind, important part in self-knowledge.
How to make water manicure Beauty and health
Как сделать водный маникюрLong ago passed times when color of nail varnish had to approach under color of a handbag or shoes. Today in fashion originality. The water manicure, bright and attractive, is capable to be at the same time both daily, and festive, and unusual. And that to make it, absolutely optional to go to beauty shop, it with ease can be made and in house conditions.
Chemical wave of eyelashes Beauty and health
Химическая завивка ресницGracefully bent air eyelashes – dream of each woman. But unfortunately, the nature not is equally favorable to all. Therefore it is necessary to use the huge efforts to correspond to an esthetic spirit of the age. Modern conditioning agents behind beauty help with it.
Application of a mummy from extensions Beauty and health
Применение мумие от растяжекThe history of use of treatment-and-prophylactic curative balm of a mummy totals neither more nor less three-four millennia. In ancient times of a mummy it was widely used in medicine of the countries of the East and Asia, it was called differently: "mountain blood" (at Burmans), "rock juice" (in Tibet), "stone oil" (in Siberia), "natural balm" (Kyrgyzstan).
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