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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Excursion according to Chiangg Mai, Northern Thailand
Экскурсия по Чианг Маю, Северный ТаиландAcquaintance to Thailand, as a rule, begins with the sea coast. One-two days on the capital of (Bangkok), and it is rather to the sea. At all very famous Pattaya, Puket, Samui. And only some go in the opening further, seek to learn this amazing country through a prism not of beach rest. For such travelers Northern Thailand, undoubtedly, will become a gift.
Sights of Stockholm, ch.2
Достопримечательности Стокгольма, ч.2In the first part of virtual walk we walked in the most known places of Stockholm. Time came to pay attention to museum corners of this, undoubtedly, interesting European city. So, welcome to walk of those who wants to learn about Stockholm more, than the tourist traveling according to the standard excursion program.
Sights of Stockholm, p.1
Достопримечательности Стокгольма, ч.1In the world there are a lot of cities which often call the most beautiful. Stockholm – one of them. I even would warn unsophisticated and inexperienced travelers against its visit because magnificence of this city can strike you on the spot. However, if you are ready to it, I invite you, dear readers of, to virtual walk across Stockholm.
Sights of Vienna
Достопримечательности ВеныEveryone visited Vienna opens for itself the own unique city. I offer readers of the view of Vienna – elegant and cozy, traditional and modern, bright and colourful, tasty and easy. It is possible to get acquainted with such Vienna for only some days, having visited 9 places which allow to feel aura of the city.
Sights of Yevpatoria: 5 best places
Достопримечательности Евпатории: 5 лучших местProbably, it is difficult to find the person in the former Soviet Union who did not hear about Yevpatoria. That there are only these tempting, turning heads of each tourist, the word Mayakovsky: "It is a pity to me what did not happen in Yevpatoria". And here now, getting to Yevpatoria, involuntarily you think that Mayakovsky wanted to tell these words.
Sights of New York, ch.2
Достопримечательности Нью-Йорка, ч.2Let's continue travel in interesting places in New York. In last article we stopped on the 16th pier, from where no distance at once to several remarkable places. I want to finish the article something like the 11-day program, that it is possible to make in New York. I think, to the tourist who arrived to New York, it will be at least interesting and informative.
Total solar eclipses of the next years
Полные солнечные затмения ближайших летTotal solar eclipse – the surprising phenomenon. It is so fine, as far as and seldom. In one point of the globe it is possible to observe it on average only once in 350 years. The eclipse is an event which will be interesting not only to fans of astronomy, but also everything who wants to see a real miracle in life. But where and when?
Excursion to the Bakhchsarai palace
Экскурсия в Бахчисарайский дворецIt is possible to call the Crimea safely the museum open-air. On August 21, 2008 to me nevertheless has the luck to visit Bakhchisarai. We had a rest in Yevpatoria and, having bought the excursion program to Bakhchisarai, went to this fascinating travel impressions from which I want to share with you, readers of
Sights of New York, p.1
Достопримечательности Нью-Йорка, ч.1All good afternoon! In this story I will write about the most favourite city – New York (New York). I will try to tell of the most interesting things, that it is necessary to visit and on what it is worth paying attention. The prices which I will specify, were actual for September, 2008. So, we will begin.
Travel to Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Путешествие в Самарканд, УзбекистанIt is best of all to plan a trip to Samarkand for the first months of spring or early fall. You can read information on each of monuments of Samarkand, having sent the corresponding request in a search engine or to gather from textbooks of history. will show you Samarkand from the point of view of the average tourist, is only virtual. Let's start.
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