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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
Clothes: all articles
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Clothes as your figure
Гардероб по типу вашей фигурыFor anybody not a secret that each woman dreams of a beautiful figure, long legs, a wasp waist. But what to do if you have too small breast, very wide hips or, on the contrary, large shoulders and narrow hips? Before going to shop behind things, recommends to become in front of the mirror and to define, what type of a figure suits you more.
Style choice in clothes, councils to women
Выбор стиля в одежде, советы женщинамEvery day we go to shop, for work, on a visit, it is simple on walk with girlfriends or with the company. Daily we are exposed to an assessment of people around. And for this reason, every time when the woman goes to shop to buy clothes, at her eyes run up and she becomes similar to a defenseless being who is surrounded with predators.
What to buy winter footwear
Какую купить зимнюю обувьNeed for acquisition of winter footwear comes with occurrence of the first cold weather. And after all for certain, while the sun still pleases us with the heat, many of us do not even reflect on purchase of warm things. Perhaps, simply you in clothes have two, and even three couples of winter footwear, but it only for some seasons.
What to buy jeans
Какие купить джинсыLikely remained people who would not buy still jeans in addition to the clothes a little. This type of clothes can be pertinent and at a fashionable party, and at dacha, and, of course, thanks to the practicality, is suitable for daily carrying. And various fabrics allow to sew jeans which can also be put on for visit of restaurant or any solemn evening.
How to choose a fur coat
Как выбрать шубуAny girl dreams of a beautiful fur coat since she starts reflecting on the clothes. And no wonder, after all the fur coat not only warms the hostess, but also testifies to her taste and, of course, the status.
To what to buy a bathing suit
Какой купить купальникWhen the summer sun starts burning slightly the warm beams, involuntarily start remembering about rest by the sea on a sandy beach. And here the thought of comes at once, whether is in your clothes such necessary and, it is desirable, a fashionable accessory as a bathing suit without which do unless on a nudist beach.
How to pick up color of clothes
Как подобрать цвет одеждыHow to pick up color of clothes? It would seem, everything is easy and simple, but the question has many answers in what its complexity consists. It is correct to pick up color is to achieve its full combination to your character, mood, lifestyle, it and to give you even more attractive look.
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