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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Treatment of an allergy to cats
Лечение аллергии на кошекFluffy pets act as the reason of development of an allergy much more often, than other representatives of fauna, chemicals and pollen of blossomings. Many experts long time mistakenly believed that sensitive reaction is connected with a thin underfur of an animal, and only in the XX century the reason – squirrels who contain in the died-off particles of skin and a saliva of a cat became for certain known.
ГалотерапияProbably, many heard that salt (sodium chloride) can help at different diseases – constant bronchitis, bronchial asthma, an allergy, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, neurosis. No, it should not be eaten with kilograms, it is only enough to carry out course treatment in the special salt rooms called by caves, galokamer. Will tell about this interesting, effective natural method of treatment.
What is the mountain illness
Что такое горная болезньConquest of tops – occupation not only fascinating, but also rather serious. Here endurance, attentiveness, good physical preparation, and also knowledge of elements of safety and possible risks for health are required. The person going to mountains always has to remember that at big heights the unpleasant and dangerous disease called by a mountain illness can wait for him.
What is the thalassotherapy
Что такое талассотерапияSince ancient times people knew about curative properties of the sea. In the modern world, based on this knowledge, the technique of alternative medicine – thalassotherapy was developed. The Spa procedures complex which are based on application in the cosmetology and medical purposes of production of a sea origin enters it.
Why the child grits the teeth
Почему ребенок скрипит зубамиAt night you were woken by an unpleasant, sharp sound from a nursery. Your kid again grits the teeth. "Perhaps, it is worms", – grandmothers speak and advise to pass inspection.
How to accept a perga
Как принимать пергуClose-knit bee families not only sweet honey develop, but also it is a lot of other valuable and unique products. There is among them a perga. It can be used in complex treatment of some diseases.
How to cope with seasickness
Как справиться с морской болезньюSeasickness – a specific state when the person feels nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and discomfort because of monotonous fluctuations. The syndrome received such name because for the first time people faced it, staying onboard the ship. However the illness of the movement can be shown both on water, and in the car, the plane or even a swing.
Treatment of a calcaneal spur
Лечение пяточной шпорыLast century the calcaneal spur carried the status of a rare disease. Doctors considered its emergence as sad result of injuries. Today the situation radically exchanged: the plantarny fastsiit - quite so "sore" was called by official medicine - meets nearly more often than dislocations and fractures together taken.
Treatment at hemorrhage in an eye
Лечение при кровоизлиянии в глазThe least pleasant problem for the modern person – hemorrhages in an eye. The blood congestion from the damaged blood vessels brings both physical, and esthetic discomfort. And in addition, bleeding can testify to various pathologies of systems and bodies of our organism.
Treatment of dehydration
Лечение обезвоживанияWater – the major component in a human body as it participates in all active processes. The correct drinking mode along with maintenance of water balance is created by favorable conditions for healthy and full-fledged life of each of us.
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