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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Application of a varfarin
Применение варфаринаThe doctor appoints to you varfarin. Also warns about need to control some MNO, and it assumes frequent visits to policlinic: to hand over blood, and then to the doctor. In the head there are thoughts it seems "here, one more tablet", "is so much efforts", "and whether it is necessary to accept it, I will manage somehow"...
Lamizil's application
Применение ЛамизилаMany active people adhering to a healthy lifestyle often visit pools, saunas, sports halls, baths, beaches. All this it seems has to promote improvement of health only. But there are such diseases which can be "picked up" involuntarily in public places.
Review of syrups for cough
Обзор сиропов от кашляExpectorant and protivokashlevy means on show-windows in drugstores it is possible to meet much. They happen in the form of tablets, a dragee, pastils, mixtures, drops, elixirs, syrups …
Metrogil gel
Метрогил гельOn skin even more often meet rashes not only teenagers, but also people of middle age. It is difficultly to cope with this problem. Since the morning the mood if the new inflamed hillocks, especially on a face are found spoils. Many people start looking for independently means which can help them.
Diuretic herbs
Мочегонные травыPhytotherapy, that is use in treatment of herbs, becomes more popular. Natural means have much less by-effects, than the synthesized tablets. There is a lot of actions on an organism at herbs – anti-inflammatory, sudorific, antibacterial, diuretic …
Valerian tincture
Настойка валерианыToday we will dwell upon a known preparation from the home first-aid kit which is loved very much by cats. Also they feel this preparation, as they say, far off. Yes, readers of guessed at once that it is valerian tincture.
Azitromitsin, application and properties
Азитромицин, применение и свойстваIn each drugstore there is a shelf and a show-window where in wide assortment antibiotics are presented. Often sick people for any reasons do not go to the doctor, and get drugs. But what antibiotic is necessary to the patient? And whether it is necessary in general?
Fenotropil's application
Применение ФенотропилаNot so long ago the group of nootropic means was replenished with one more modern original preparation created by the Russian scientists. And its steel widely to use in the practice the doctors who are engaged in treatment of therapeutic and neurologic diseases.
Kanefron's application
Применение КанефронаNow interest in phytotherapy, that is treatment by natural means increases. In the last decades efficiency of herbs and preparations from them is already proved. The scientific medicine actively uses now for treatment of a plant and their potential.
Imodium's application
Применение ИмодиумаAnnoyingly, when during travel in the train to the sea, in days of holiday at excursions or on interesting picnic in a circle of friends absolutely inopportunely there is a pain, an abdominal murmur and diarrhea … There is it and in days of examinations, at a party and even after visit of cafe during a lunch break at work.
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