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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Uterus neck cancer therapy
Лечение рака шейки маткиDevelopment directly of a cancer of a neck of a uterus has a certain staging. In many cases process is not prompt. However, for lack of treatment during the sufficient long time there is its further development: beginning from a preinvazivny carcinoma and finishing with distribution of a tumor on a bladder, a rectum with the remote metastasises.
Bleedings during pregnancy
Кровотечения во время беременностиI heard very correct and simple words from the obstetrician-gynecologist: "Everything will be good. But if waters depart, fights will begin or, God forbid, bleeding will open – you call at once me". Then I did not pay special attention to his words. Now all in a different way. It is extremely important to suspect violations of course of pregnancy in time and quickly to liquidate them.
Treatment of myoma of a uterus
Лечение миомы маткиQuite often among women it is possible to hear the phrase that uterus myoma at reproductive age it is possible not to treat. Whether so it actually? Whether really myoma is so harmless also itself regresses further? Let's try to understand it on the example of answers to most frequently asked questions about uterus myoma.
Intermenstrual and dysfunctional bleedings
Межменструальные и дисфункциональные кровотеченияThe following periods not soon, and the underwear is soiled by bloody allocations?! The first emotion – a panic, and it is quite justified. It is important to calm down not simply, but also know that it is necessary to undertake in that case. Also it is connected first of all by that in some cases delay is quite dangerous both to health, and to life.
Types of abortions and their consequence
Виды абортов и их последствияAbortion is an interruption of pregnancy on the term which is not exceeding 28 weeks. And let the child still absolutely tiny, but is already little man. Having undertaken writing of this article, I set a goal – to tell girls and women all nuances of interruption of pregnancy, probable consequences of abortion.
Screenings at pregnancy
Скрининги при беременностиWhat is such? These are so-called "double", "threefold" and "fourfold" tests which show these or those deviations of hormones during pregnancy. The word "screening" is translated as "sifting", i.e. from all pregnant women on the basis of these indicators. A main objective of screening is identification of groups of risk of development of congenital defects in a fruit.
How quickly to become pregnant
Как быстро забеременетьAt some point we feel strong desire to become parents. At some it occurs right after a wedding, there are also what plan a reproduction for a certain period of life. Both that, and another want to conceive the child quicker - well not from the first, so from the second time. For you tells how to become pregnant quickly.
Reasons and treatment of female infertility
Причины и лечение женского бесплодияInfertility is not an illness. But, nevertheless, to get rid of it, years are required for many couples. Infertility the situation is considered, when pregnancy does not come a year later (in some sources two years) provided that couple leads regular sexual life and does not use contraceptives. In this case the timely address to experts is required.
In total about ultrasonography during pregnancy
Всё об УЗИ во время беременностиEach pregnant woman, as a rule, looks forward to the moment when for the first time sees the kid. Thanks to ultrasonography this moment comes earlier, than in nine months. And what this happiness to see how your peanut yawns, or sucks a finger. Everything that it is necessary to know about ultrasonography during pregnancy – today for readers of
Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus
Лечение эрозии шейки маткиMany women to whom made the diagnosis "a uterus neck erosion", do not hurry to be treated or that is even worse, self-medicate. And that, and other option is potentially hazardous to health, and at times and the woman's lives. That it for such a widespread and serious illness and what methods of its treatment – in the article
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