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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Completion of a lack of vitamins A and E
Восполнение недостатка витаминов А и ЕOur organism needs the whole complex of vitamins and minerals for functioning daily correctly. Especially sharply shortage of vitamins is felt in a cold season. During such period doctors recommend reception of a vitamin and mineral complex. Any such complex surely includes vitamins A and E. For what these vitamins are necessary?
Vitamin D for children
Витамин Д для детейToday at a wide choice of various polyvitaminic complexes it is possible to stop quietly on something one. But producers often care only of receiving by the person a number of the main vitamins, forgetting about "intermediaries" who help their assimilation and synthesis. One of such intermediaries is vitamin D.
Healthy nutrition in the summer
Правильное питание летомThe summer – is time hot days, holidays and travel. And even in the summer both children, and adults have intestinal infections more often. How to preserve the health, it is good to feel during a heat and how it is correct to organize food of the family, tells
What has to be the correct breakfast
Каким должен быть правильный завтракThe first half of day – the most productive for our organism, it is necessary to provide itself with enough nutrients, and then all remained day you will radiate energy and will be in time everything that planned. For this reason a breakfast – the most important part of our daily menu. What has to be a healthy correct breakfast?!
In total about products with GMO
Всё о продуктах с ГМОAll of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.
How to choose polyvitamins, ch.2
Как выбрать поливитамины, ч.2In this material the importance of this or that element for the person is considered. We hope, to our readers the understanding of that it is not necessary to select independently the specialized vitamin complexes appointed in the medical purposes to elderly people, and also people with deviations in work of cardiovascular system, in sight work, etc. will come.
How to construct food for weight loss
Как построить питание для похуденияThe number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to a weight reduction problem, diets to healthy food is huge everywhere. It is noticed even by those who specially does not visit thematic pages, and those who comes – at all do not imagine a portal without article about weight loss. That new it is possible to add to what is written-is copied?
Completion of a lack of calcium of an organism
Восполнение недостатка кальция в организмеThe number of the advertizing devoted to a mineral to calcium is not comparable with any other element of the table of Mendeleyev. will answer some preliminary questions – and is it necessary? For what? To whom exactly and in what quantity? And how to define, what it is not enough? And whether there are situations in which it is harmful? On it also we will stop.
How to choose polyvitamins
Как выбрать поливитаминыThe organism lacks modern conditions vitamins and mineral substances. Reception of polyvitaminic complexes which wide choice will be offered in any drugstore can become an exit. How to understand a huge number of names and to decide, what suits you? On what to pay attention at acquisition of polyvitamins? Whether it is necessary to accept them?
Injuriousness of food E-additives
Вредоносность пищевых Е-добавокRecently the increasing impact on a condition of an organism is made by the food entering a daily diet of consumption, their structure which in turn, abounds with the list of various so-called food additives. Among which ingredients with an index E are the most widespread. Whether consumption of such products is so safe?
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