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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Councils for education of twins
Советы по воспитанию близнецовResearches of psychologists show that twins are special children. They keep together everywhere, often both children lag behind in development of the speech, have lower level of progress at school more often than odinochno the born children, experience difficulties in family life. But all defects of development of twins can be eliminated if to liquidate mistakes in education of children.
What to do if the child refuses a feeding up
Что делать, если ребенок отказывается от прикормаFeeding up of the kid – a stumbling block round which storms of emotions and hurricanes of passions constantly are born. Now the time of introduction of a feeding up was postponed to age of 6 months. But pediatricians are not in time behind new trends, and many doctors write the recommendations in the old manner. Readers want to be acquainted both with WHO opinion, and with personal experience of mummies and their kids.
Children's transport: necessary and useless
Детский транспорт: нужное и бесполезноеGradually the child in perfection seizes certain movement skills and for transition to new level useful are all adaptations – children's transport. Carriages, walkers, machines wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters, electric cars – practically everything that has wheels. It not simply toys, but also very useful things in respect of physical development.
Subjects of personal hygiene for the child
Предметы личной гигиены для ребенкаWhen the speech about prevention and prevention of some diseases comes, the question of personal hygiene comes out on top. If to speak about our children, it is clear to everyone that the correct care and leaving are very important for kids. Based on the numerous mistakes and from height of the experience, I want to give some advice at the choice of the first sanitary products for the child.
Stroller choice
Выбор прогулочной коляскиCares of the first months quickly give way to the cutting-through teeth, introduction of a feeding up and acquisition of a children's stool for feeding, a stroller. The zealous parent will not begin to overpay for a thing which later short time will be written off from a children's arsenal. Let's try to understand as it is reasonable to spend money on the example of a stroller.
Hand-made articles with the child for the general development
Поделки с ребенком для общего развитияTo accustom children to assiduity and performance of certain tasks it is possible and it is necessary from early age. In house conditions it is possible to develop the peanut from one-year-old age. Such kinds of activity as drawing by paints, a molding, application are actual for little children. We will tell you, than it is possible to occupy the child of the house with advantage, to offer hand-made articles which can be made.
With what to begin training of the child in English
С чего начать обучение ребенка английскомуIn the majority of schools today English is taught from the first class. I think, to the first grader who before receipt in school was already familiar with elements of a foreign language, it is much easier not to become puzzled at English lessons at school. What it is possible to make, training the child for school how to help it to master successfully a foreign language?
Teenage crisis
Подростковый кризисTeenage age – the period rather difficult both for adults, and for teenagers. This complexity arises because of sharpness of the crisis period of this age step. Teenage crisis – the mountain which each adult, and an abyss to which each teenager can get climbed up. Let's look for the bridge, maybe, and not really strong but which can be strengthened.
How to choose a children's small bottle
Как выбрать детскую бутылочкуSooner or later, but all young mothers in the modern world face need of acquisition of children's small bottles. They are undoubtedly necessary to each kid. Even that the child is on breastfeeding, there is a need for their application. How to guess and to be mistaken, I will share with readers in this article.
How to reveal talents and abilities at the child
Как выявить таланты и способности у ребенкаThey say that all our abilities and abilities are put in the childhood by parents. However any skilled mother will object you: all children too the different. Someone since young years perfectly draws, at someone it turns out to do mental arithmetic quickly, and someone perfectly sings and has good ear for music. A task of parents – to reveal abilities. And the most important – is correct to develop them.
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