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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Landing of a gelenium
Посадка гелениумаGeleniuma are actively grown up by gardeners of the different countries. And these cultures are not really widespread only in Russia, even not all know about them. And after all geleniuma can be entered in any design compositions well. They will add bright paints to an autumn landscape, and easy notes of honey aroma will soar in air.
Use of bark of an oak
Применение коры дубаOak – one of the most ancient representatives of a kingdom of flora. In immemorial times people revealed curative properties of oak bark and actively applied it to treatment of the most different diseases. And even later hundreds of years bark of an oak is used both in national, and in traditional medicine. In what its advantage and as to use it, read in this article.
Cultivation and care of a lobelia
Выращивание и уход за лобелиейGentle lobelia – fine ornament for a loggia or a garden. Its light blue, blue or purple florets amicably are dismissed all summer, taking also autumn months. But how to grow up such wonderful flowers, if seeds in packing tiny, as if dust? will share useful recommendations.
Room maple abutilon
Комнатный клён абутилонThe abutilon is an evergreen bush or a tree which has big beautiful leaves, on outlines similar to maple, and kolokolchaty, kolesovidny and funnel-shaped flowers. This unpretentious plant it is possible to grow up houses in a big pot or a tub. It is capable to improve a microclimate in the room as its large leaves increase humidity of air.
Cultivation of a thuja
Выращивание туиThe evergreen plant planted on a site becomes its year-round ornament. Now many gardeners, especially owners of the big land plots, had a desire to plant at themselves thujas. Also will tell readers in this article about their types, grades, landing and leaving of
Grades of remontantny raspberry
Сорта ремонтантной малиныAll of us got used that the tasty red raspberry growing at our dachas fructifies in July, it is possible to regale on its berries before maturing of pears, apples, plums. But in recent years experience of many gardeners testifies that soil climatic conditions of many regions of Russia are quite acceptable for the successful growth and fructification of remontantny raspberry.
Useful properties lyubistka
Полезные свойства любисткаFor a long time people used unique properties of plants, applying them in all spheres of life, beginning from cookery, finishing with magic ceremonies. One of such "universal" plants is the lyubistok. This surprising grass for centuries was used for treatment, finding of beauty and even for spiritual protection.
Plum, landing and leaving
Слива, посадка и уходThe prolific plum having the relative to cherry, almonds, an apricot, a peach is grown up everywhere – in Russia (even in the Areas of Siberia and the Far East), Europe, Japan, China, America … The ripened fruits are useful and tasty as soon as that broken, and in house preparations, pies, desserts. Today we will tell how to grow up plum on a garden site.
Asaa berries
Ягоды асаиAll of us know of the advantage of raspberry, currant, bilberry, a gooseberry and other berries everywhere growing in our strip. Eating them, we receive a set of vitamins and different useful substances, and also often we use them in treatment of some diseases.
Cultivation of eggplants
Выращивание баклажановIn east countries the eggplant is considered as a longevity vegetable therefore often add to different dishes. "Blue" as they are called tenderly by admirers and admirers, besides are very useful to health. It is confirmed by modern medical researches. Let's talk how it is correct to grow up them on a country site.
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