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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to prepare wings in an oven
Как приготовить крылышки в духовкеJust about dinner time will approach, and at you still is ready nothing? Something is necessary tasty, nutritious that all family remained is happy? But thus absolutely there is no time to stand at a plate. The oven will come to the rescue. And here that in it to prepare, solve to you. Today we offer very simple and fast option of preparation of the most delicate chicken wings in an oven.
The recipe of meatballs in an oven
Рецепт тефтелей в духовкеApparently, not to surprise anybody with all darlings and such popular meatballs any more. However we so got used that this dish includes by all means mincemeat and rice that even we do not reflect on other ingredients. And after all at a teftel enormous history and great opportunities.
Harm of yeast
Вред дрожжейYeast is, perhaps, one of the most disputable products in our kitchen. Many hostesses do not imagine pastries without this ingredient and do not even think to refuse it. At the same time doctors and supporters of healthy food sound the alarm: yeast does considerable harm to an organism. Whether so it? Let's try to understand.
How to make condensed milk in house conditions
Как сделать сгущенку в домашних условияхProbably, each of us remembers one of the most favourite delicacies of the childhood – extremely sweet condensed milk. This simple product still does not leave the shelf of supermarkets, and its popularity not only remained, but also was increased. Very few people know that it is very simple to make condensed milk in house conditions. Today will tell secrets of preparation of house condensed milk.
Chufa - earth almonds
Чуфа - земляной миндальChufa – a useful plant which is known under a set of names: in the Arab countries it is a sweet root, in North America – a cane nut, in Europe – earth almonds, and in the African regions it is klinut the Zulu nut. However, despite a variety of names, relentless advantages of a chufa are recognized as folk healers of all countries of the world.
Advantage of cheese
Польза сыраProbably, is not present on light of one more product, except cheese which would be so useful to all organism and at the same time extraordinary tasty. A variety of flavoring shades, smells and consistences of cheese allows any to choose the most favourite grade.
Advantage of cheese with a mold
Польза сыра с плесеньюCheese with a mold appeared in the former Soviet Union not so long ago and long achieved recognition from the mistrustful people who got used to think that a mold – an unfitness sign. Anyway, today many of us it am not presented to the life without such "spoiled" cheese.
How to prepare char-grilled chicken
Как приготовить цыпленка табакаThe ruddy crisp, the most delicate meat and delightful aroma – such qualities possess many dishes, but only char-grilled chicken can brag of all three. Incredibly tasty dish which the even beginning hozyayushka easily can prepare!
Advantage and harm of potatoes
Польза и вред картофеляPotatoes delivered on domestic open spaces by Peter I by right are called today the second bread, and to imagine a diet without it very difficult. The product was included into our daily menu, forcing out itself many grain crops, vegetables, and at times even meat. What properties potatoes possess?
How to prepare cheesecake
Как приготовить чизкейкCheesecake or simply "cheese pie" - incredibly tasty dish which can create the healthy competition to any pie on a holiday table. He can be prepared as an entertainment on a celebration or it is simple to indulge himself and native, having turned usual weeknight into the real event.
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