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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Neapolitan mastiff: features of breed
Неаполитанский мастиф: особенности породыProbably, around the world there is no person who quietly would react to emergence before it mastino-napoletano. This mighty and serious dog who looks the real Cerberus, can confuse with the appearance of any, met to it on the way.
Review of rare breeds of dog
Обзор редких пород собакHow many today exists in the world of breeds of dog? Perhaps, for someone it will be big surprise, but more than 500 versions small and big, fluffy and bald, having a tail and scanty, long-eared and absolutely not having ears, but such favourite four-footed pets.
Rage symptoms at cats
Симптомы бешенства у кошекI think that many will agree with the theory claiming that at all not the person cultivated a cat, and the cat cultivated herself, having entered his house, having got accustomed there and quite often subordinating itself his inhabitants. With rare exception, the modern domestic cat remains independent, and her wildish character does not give in to an explanation.
How to accustom a cat to a kogtetochka
Как приучить кота к когтеточкеHere also this long-awaited moment came. In your house there was a small fluffy miracle. Your cat tender and playful, you with affection observe how he with appetite eats what he amusing when plays and sleeps. Here if it also obedient was, and furniture did not spoil sharp kogotochka.
Care of a Scottish Fold
Уход за шотландской вислоухой кошкойCats walk in itself and only allow people to love them … But the person accepted a cat such what she is and came to love her very much. To have a cat in the house always means that you someone waits that will climb up knees and promurlykat though all evening. And to hold a thoroughbred cat is also prestige.
Ear tick at cats
Ушной клещ у кошекMany of us houses have beautiful four-footed creations which are tenderly mewing, purring, shchekochashchy long moustaches, daily licking the fluffy shyorstka, and to frosts turned in a fur ball. Of course, I mean cats.
Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs
Ультразвуковой отпугиватель собакOver the last 10 years according to official statistical data in Russia dogs bit to death to death about 400 people. The number of victims and by miracle the survived goes on thousands. 40% of the victims of the embittered dogs - children.
Cultivation of rabbits
Разведение кроликовIf at your disposal there is a giving or the private house with a small site if you have a lot of free time and enthusiasm and also if to you to liking the activity connected with supervision and care of animals try to be engaged in cultivation of rabbits.
How to accustom a cat to a tray
Как приучить кота к лоткуAt last it is day came! Your native looked forward to emergence in the house of a wonderful canine friend. Koteyka, with a beautiful sherstka became at once the favourite of all family and … here an ill luck … the animal persistently does not want to do the intimate affairs in the put place. In what the reason? Let's understand together with
How to get rid of a smell of cat's urine
Как избавиться от запаха кошачьей мочиMany aelurophiles consider that after excrements of their favourites it is impossible to get rid of a smell, but it not so. Urine of a cat on the chemical composition differs in nothing from other animals. Therefore all problem is covered in negligent attitude to cleaning and substandard processing of favourite places of the pet.
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