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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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Payment of the personal income tax
Уплата НДФЛThe income is an economic benefit. In any form: monetary or natural value but only when its size can be estimated by rules of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The personal income tax is a tax on income of the citizen gained during some reporting period. His all citizens (residents) of the country and nonresidents – foreigners who gained income in our country pay.
Agricultural appointment purchase of land in Ukraine
Покупка земли сельхозназначения в УкраинеThe Ukrainian lands agricultural appointments have reputation of the best in the world. And here that thus they give to production far not so much, how many could, there is a variety of reasons among which call also lack of opportunity freely to sell and buy agricultural grounds. Introduction of the transparent market of lands has to change a lot of things in the existing situation.
Receiving credit history
Получение кредитной историиToday the spotless credit history of the client is one of the major factors promoting receiving the credit by the natural person. Most of creditors even more often for registration of the credit include information on other loans of the potential client in the list of documents. The natural person can receive credit history in several ways.
What is the discount coupons
Что такое скидочные купоныAny of us who ever held money in the hand, always hoped to save and buy something at lower price. Unfortunately, the few shops can brag of cheap goods and the ordinary buyer simply has no place to disappear. And how to buy good goods, for example, at a discount of 60%? Similar opportunity to us is given by discount coupons.
Choice of system of the taxation
Выбор системы налогообложенияAccording to the Tax code of the Russian Federation there are three types of system of the taxation: the main system of the taxation (MST) simplified (simplified tax system) and a uniform tax on imputed income (ENVD). At a choice of system of the taxation it is necessary to consider a number of factors, among which kind of activity, a ratio of level of the income and expenses, etc.
Quality of service in bank
Качество обслуживания в банкеAll of us are connected by this or that measure with a banking system. And it occurs not because the banking system is so attractive but because modern society simply got used to use electronic money. But choosing, in what bank to start being served, it is necessary to know some signs which distinguish "good" bank from "bad".
Registration and use of a credit card
Оформление и использование кредитной картыMany banks suggest the clients to use today a credit card which is the easiest and convenient way of receiving money on credit. In essence, is a small electronic purse by means of which it is possible not only to remove hard cash, but also to pay the acquired goods or the ordered services.
Joint purchases
Совместные покупкиSome years exists and successfully such activity as joint purchases develops. For someone this concept is well familiar, but there will be people who hear about it for the first time. Therefore I want to share with readers of the knowledge in this the interesting, fascinating and tightening type of shopping.
WebMoney conclusion in Ukraine
Вывод WebMoney на УкраинеThose who earns in a network, will face WebMoney conclusion problem sooner or later. It after all is good that they lie on a virtual purse, but so there are a wish to see the same sum in a purse real. How to cash WMU in Ukraine – will in detail tell
How to use the ATM
Как пользоваться банкоматомIt is about the simplest option when only it is required to receive cash in the ATM. It is habitual for someone for a long time, and someone never used the ATM. It is necessary to tell that the instructions provided in article can be only approximate as the software of ATMs can change a little.
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