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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Trip to Israel Rounds and excursions
Поездка в ИзраильRecently considerably the number of persons interested to spend the holidays in Israel increased. To that there are some objective reasons. A climatic zone in Israel approximately the same, as in Turkey and Egypt, and a range of pleasures which can be received, perhaps, even more widely. Also essential role in a question of a choice is played by visa abolition for citizens of Russia and Ukraine.
Bus tour from Germany to France Rounds and excursions
Автобусный тур из Германии во ФранциюThe Schengen visa gives me the chance to travel across all Europe within three months. "Why not to use it", – I thought, going to the girlfriend on a visit to Germany. We agreed with it in advance that we will spend time not only at her place, but also we will buy Russian-speaking round to France. Such desperate travelers as we, two full buses were gathered.
Excursion on the Kungur ice cave Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по Кунгурской ледяной пещере260 million years ago along the western slope of the Ural Mountains to the Caspian Sea the present Black Sea lapped. After the next raising of the ridge it left to the south. Natural waters washed away weak places of stratifications and got deep into, creating underground cavities. On it tens of millions of years were required. The well-known Kungur ice cave was so formed.
Sights of Jerusalem, Israel Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Иерусалима, ИзраильListening to news about Israel, I was often confused in names, habitual for the majority: Gaza Strip, Temple mountain, west bank, east coast. I always wanted to understand all these well-known names and the real real life in this most interesting place on our planet. And the destiny was favorable, it sent me to a meeting with my dream.
Student's Work & Travel USA program References
Студенческая программа Work & Travel USAMany students ask a question: where to work in the summer to receive as a result of many money and, what the main thing, to receive many impressions? Work plus rest would be an ideal combination. Such combination is offered by the student's Work & Travel USA program according to which students from Russia already long time go to the USA where work and travel at the same time.
Rest in Altai, Belokurikha Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Алтае, БелокурихаAltai is called by right a pearl of Siberia. Is an alpine skiing type of rest in the winter, it begins in November and comes to an end in the middle of April. And in the summer (from May to October) you will be met by numerous health resorts, tourist bases, campings and hotels. We go to the resort town of Belokurikha which is located in the foothills of Altai.
Loss of baggage at the airport References
Утеря багажа в аэропортуThe plane – the most popular and convenient type of transport. People pay for this convenience considerable money, but sometimes payment happens other. You stand in a zone of delivery of baggage, and are already ready to pick up from a tape well packed suitcase, but it is not present. You start doubting, and then despair at all. And what now to do when your baggage was lost?
Rest planning abroad References
Планирование отдыха за границейKnow a saying "Prepare sledge in the summer..."? And so the end of winter – is a high time to start planning of summer holiday. You have time to consider all nuances, to estimate all the opportunities. It is also important to find tickets at the most favorable prices in advance, to learn about possible discounts, to take care of housing. Well, and, of course, to take pleasure in dreams of rest, an anticipation of all details.
Sights of Vilnius Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ВильнюсаWe chose Vilnius for the honeymoon trip, and is not casual. First, it was our first trip abroad, and there was a wish to go not really far and there where understand Russian. Secondly, we dreamed to get to the city transmitting spirit of the Middle Ages. In Vilnius really protect the history, everything very sincerely and really, but not for show for tourists.
Rest in Lithuania Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ЛитвеLithuania – the most sincere and hospitable from the Baltic states. And, as well as all Baltic is not Russia, but also not Europe any more though Lithuania is included some years into the EU. And though modern Lithuania exists since 1990, historical heritage of the country very many-sided. In this article I want to tell that, in my opinion, it is just necessary to see in Lithuania.
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