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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Cultivation of quails It is useful to know
Разведение перепеловIn spite of the fact that the quail - a bird in appearance unsightly, she is very much appreciated among fans of a tasty game. Therefore their cultivation at the correct approach practically always bears benefit to the owner. And how to make to enter into group of owners of a successful house poultry farm, knows
How to choose rokhl and electropilers? It is useful to know
Как выбрать рохли и электроштабелеры?In this article we will tell about subtleties of a choice of electropilers and rokhly, and also we will consider separate types of this warehouse equipment, feature of their operation.
Games for a house party Rest and entertainments
Игры для домашней вечеринкиAnything, alas, is not eternal - with a traditional magnificent feast already will surprise nobody! Languid talk "for life" under a measured chewing of hozyaykiny Russian salad for quite some time now started being forced out actively by parties of a youth format where guests move and have fun more, than eats and drinks.
Warehouse equipment and its features It is useful to know
Складская техника и ее особенностиFor the organization of movement of goods for warehouses and trade rooms the hoisting-and-transport equipment having various functional and design features is used. In small warehouses use of the high-performance mechanism is economically inexpedient, and small-scale mechanization, just opposite, will be very effective.
What fish the most useful It is useful to know
Какая рыба самая полезнаяUndoubtedly, among seafood fish takes the leading place. That fish, sea, river or from the ocean is useful – people know for a long time. And here what fish the most useful to an organism of the child, the teenager and the adult, we also learn.
How to arrange a pajama party Rest and entertainments
Как устроить пижамную вечеринкуThe tradition of pajama parties came to us from America, but already managed to get accustomed a little. And if to approach the organization of such evening with an invention – it is possible to have a rest perfectly (if you collect purely maiden company).
How to learn it is beautifully to speak It is useful to know
Как научиться красиво говоритьThe person who speaks it is coped, it is clear, convincing and, besides, beautifully, will always achieve that is necessary for him. And here the one who and two words "can not connect" will never become a leader, will not be able to convince people of the correctness and, as they say, not "will lead army".
Rest options on winter vacation Rest and entertainments
Варианты отдыха на зимних каникулахWinter vacation – a remarkable time. It is a freedom of action and desires, it is not necessary to get up early anywhere, it is possible to dare to luxuriate in a warm bed. It is not necessary to do homework every evening.
What to present to darling for New year Holidays
Что подарить любимому на Новый годHear? Already the joyful tune of a New Year's holiday sounds. Already very soon bright fireworks will decorate air, and splashes of champagne will emphasize solemnity of the moment, in houses elegant green beauties will begin to sparkle, and under them there will be mountains of nice boxes with gifts …
Councils for storage of things It is useful to know
Советы по хранению вещейAll of us remember since the childhood the animated film and Lyubov Voronkova's book about Masha-rasteryashu. The girl could not find stockings, a shoe, a dress … And whether you had enough, dear readers to look for something when and so are already late? For example, keys from the car, the passport or a glove? And all these searches, especially necessary trifles, distract, force to waste time, irritate, enter into a depression.
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