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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to get rid of causeless apathy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от беспричинной апатииApathy. Overcame laziness, life is boring and monotonous. When the problems created in life are the reason, in process of their decision also the pleasure is restored to life. But quite often apathy is causeless. Life takes its course, all are live, healthy, but something presses heavy freight and does not allow to enjoy life. What to do how to get rid of apathy? Let's understand together.
Behavior in conflict situations Psychology of the relations
Поведение в конфликтных ситуацияхMany words already were govoreno about the conflicts, their reasons and consequences, but the question does not lose the relevance. After all each of us during only one day a set of times gets to conflict situations. At this time we spend the forces, energy, we do harm to own health. How to behave in case of the conflict to allow it optimum?
How to become the independent person Psychology of the personality
Как стать самостоятельным человеком"As all wants to solve! But suddenly I will be mistaken? But after all I can do everything to make, to me there are not 5 years!". Contradictions familiar to much. As they say – also there is a wish, and it is pricked! But to start making even small changes in itself always rather difficult. offers a number of recommendations to make all this process less painful and more harmonious.
Mobile dependence (symptoms and prevention) Psychology of the personality
Мобильная зависимость (симптомы и профилактика)Most likely, the first telefonomana appeared at telecommunication formation dawn, however mass this phenomenon became now when mobile phones were widely adopted. Phone is necessary to the majority of us, but, in principle, we are quite happy and without it. Where that side behind which we cease to live in the real world and we replace it with the telephone?
How to choose the partner in life Psychology of the relations
Как выбрать спутника жизниIt is rather heavy to much of us to find such person who would "suit" us. We want to feel love from such person, his care, we want to devote him ourselves. There is a lot of requirements also the most interesting that each person has them the. Here also it turns out that to meet "the" person not and it is simple.
Control locus Psychology of the personality
Локус контроляMany of us are irritated decently by control. But it is sure, not everyone thinks of that, control from where originates and that it represents. Besides, absolutely few reflect that influences us as control – our internal state or external "controlers" more.
Egoism: pros and cons Psychology of the personality
Эгоизм: за и противWhether egoism is so harmful? It really line which needs to be ashamed, in every way to try to eradicate? Whether it is bad to love himself and to defend the interests, even to the detriment of another? will try to understand all these questions, and to someone to help to rethink the outlooks on life and acts, and also to realize that healthy egoism has to take place.
How to distinguish lie Psychology of the relations
Как распознать ложьProbably, to learn to distinguish lie and so that for certain and always – dreamboat of mankind. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible at least because often the person cannot distinguish even own inventions from reality. However to suspect wrong and to be on "alert", it is not required even special devices.
Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman Psychology of the relations
Существует ли дружба между мужчиной и женщинойFriendship between the man and the woman – the myth or reality? It is an eternal question on which how many people, are so much and opinions rather. It is possible to argue as much as necessary, but it is worth trying to understand on the example of concrete life situations.
How to find composure Psychology of the personality
Как обрести душевное равновесиеYou want to find composure, to overcome the internal conflicts, to improve the interpersonal relations? Of course, want. To reconcile with itself and people around, to find a peace of mind. In only case when various diseases and different misfortunes will recede from you. Here a number of councils which are recommended by professional psychologists.
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