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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Excursion to Valaam
Экскурсия на ВалаамThe Valaam archipelago is considered "pearl" of Lake Ladoga. On the biggest island of the archipelago the Valaam man's Monastery which was founded in the XIV century is located. From the moment of the basis and to this day the monastery is a popular place of pilgrimage. Now not only pilgrims visit Valaam, but also simply tourists.
Rest in Berdyansk
Отдых в БердянскеBefore a trip re-read everything on the Internet. Very long solved where to go, and, at last, decided. I had a rest on the Berdyansk spit already once, still being the student, and there very much it was pleasant to me. Here also decided that with a family we too will go to Berdyansk. Now here I want to share with readers of the impressions and some useful information.
Rest in Biarritz, France
Отдых в Биаррице, ФранцияOn what sea coast of the largest country of Europe it is possible to meet compatriots? Well, oligarchs and approached to them – in French riviera, a fine place, but we will not speak about it today! And where still? I want to share the impressions about the southwest, Atlantic coast of France where, however, it is almost impossible to meet Russians.
Round Bangkok-Pattaya, Thailand
Тур Бангкок-Паттайя, ТаиландIt not advertizing and not description of Thailand as that. And what for? In any travel agency or from the Internet on you at the moment the lot of information, photos, statistics, etc. "will get enough sleep". But some own thoughts and judgments, it appears, will not be uninteresting to readers of and will help to understand, why and why people go to the world's end!
Hike across the Crimea (Kara-Dag)
Пеший поход по Крыму (Кара-Даг)Active recreation – the best type of rest. Sitting in the evening at a fire with a cup of hot tea and looking at the star Crimean sky, you feel part of this huge Universe. So, a backpacking to the Crimea. First of all, you need an obligatory set of the tourist – tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack and a polyurethane rug.
Rest in the Carpathians (The Ivano-Frankovsk Region)
Отдых в Карпатах (Ивано-Франковская обл.)I think, many of you heard about such place as the Carpathians. And many, it is sure, dreamed to visit there. What so attracts travelers to direct the way towards the western lands of Ukraine? I will also try to tell of it to you, therefore as I was lucky to see advantages of these edges the eyes.
Excursion to Vorontsov Palace, Alupka
Экскурсия в Воронцовский дворец, АлупкаTo each traveler who visited cozy corners of the friendly Crimea always to eat than surprise and share. The palaces built here, impregnated with strange thirst for grace and beauty still attract everything the new and new audience. And one of such miracles of the Crimean peninsula is the majestic and proud Vorontsovsky (Alupkinsky) palace.
Sights of Tallinn
Достопримечательности ТаллинаWe went to Tallinn through Narva three together, I, my husband and our little son. We stayed in the capital of Estonia only three days. All our friends were eager to see and play with our kid. But also that time that we snatched for walks, left indelible impression. I also want to share these impressions with readers of
Rest on the cape Tarkhankut
Отдых на мысе ТарханкутThe cape Tarkhankut by right is considered diamond of the Crimean peninsula. Diamond which is not blackened and not spoiled by a civilization and human carelessness. This miracle of the Ukrainian nature comfortably settled down on the Tarkhankutsky height which is surely occupying considerable part of the Crimea. The nature of a height strikes with the virginity and purity.
Sights Rima
Достопримечательности РимаI visited Rome in April, 2007. And how many I had not to hear about this eternal city, having visited it, understood that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this article I will try to state information which will be useful to those readers of who are going to visit this majestic city.
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