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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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How to choose a winter coat
Как выбрать зимнее пальтоWinter coat – a necessary detail of clothes. After all our winters are very changeable, a frost, thaw. The winter coat will not protect you from a hard frost. The wide choice of a coat, of course, cannot but please, but also choose really qualitative thing in such variety happens not easy.
How to choose winter boots
Как выбрать зимние сапогиAhead winter, and even more often we stop near elegant show-windows, considering winter footwear. Whatever you may say, and without qualitative boots to endure the Russian winter complicated... On what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of winter boots? How to distinguish good footwear from the low-quality? Now we learn everything.
How to choose a winter jacket
Как выбрать зимнюю курткуAcquisition of winter outerwear is a question not of one day. Thanks to variety of styles and materials any person can choose for himself such winter jacket which will suit it not only, but also will become reliable protection against realities of the Russian winter. At first we advise you to decide on material of which the jacket will be made.
How to choose a sheepskin coat
Как выбрать дубленкуGradually the fall comes into the own, and after it already and winter not far off. It is time to reflect what to put on not to freeze in cold weather and an icy cold. The answer is obvious – a fur coat or a sheepskin coat. On the Russian open spaces these things – not luxury, but necessities. In this article the speech how it is correct to choose a sheepskin coat will lead.
Fashionable footwear for the fall-winter 2007-2008
Модная обувь на осень-зиму 2007-2008Morning frosts and evening cool set thinking seriously that the fall comes nearer. It is time to go to shops behind warm clothes and footwear. Despite cumulonimbus clouds, there is a wish to be at the height of fashion. Today will tell, what footwear is actual in a season fall-winter 2007-2008.
Care of clothes
Уход за одеждойOnce long ago the skin of an animal was the only clothes of the person. With development of a civilization in the person the increasing and bigger choice of clothes, a variety of fabrics began to appear, both natural, and synthetic blows the mind. But now the person has other question – how to look after the clothes?
Review of summer collections of clothes 2007
Обзор летних коллекций одежды 2007Presently most of men and women seek to look stylishly and fashionably. But for this purpose to make a certain impression, in clothes it is necessary to conform to the secret rules which are dictated regularly to us by designers. For this purpose to learn about the latest news from the world of fashion, offers readers the small review of summer collections of the leading fashion houses.
Fashionable bathing suits summer 2007
Модные купальники лето 2007Last time told about fashionable tendencies of summer 2007 in clothes, today we will talk about bathing suits and bathing accessories. These small slices of fabric covering "the very best places" are capable to make you a beach star. So, it will be a question of bathing suits, fashionable in the summer of 2007.
Care of footwear, rules and councils
Уход за обувью, правила и советыPassed those times when people went barefoot by the wild nature. To the person it bothered to be cut in blood about sharp stones therefore he thought up footwear. How to make so that it served long and pleased the owners? Also is going to talk about this, after all not each person knows, what leaving is required that footwear which it carries.
Fashion for the summer 2007
Мода на лето 2007Summer in the heat, and, of course, there is a wish to be always on a fashion crest, to shine and blow the mind. Long ago behind there were spring and summer weeks of fashion 2007 therefore the main tendencies are already defined. And if you did not create clothes for the summer yet, will tell you, in what to put on, at what things to look narrowly more attentively.
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