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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to choose the hearing aid
Как выбрать слуховой аппаратHearing and sight – the most valuable gift of the nature to the person. There will be no them is also you behind a life board. Fortunately, today there is nothing more simply, than to choose to itself good glasses or the high-quality hearing aid. The main thing – not to get confused in variety of these small, but such important things.
Symptoms and treatment of avitaminosis
Симптомы и лечение авитаминозаThis, at first sight, insignificant disease, has large-scale character. From shortage of vitamins diseases, different in severity, can develop. Avitaminosis symptoms at each person are shown differently, but treatment of an illness takes place according to almost standard plan.
Curvature of a nasal partition
Искривление носовой перегородкиIndispensable condition of our existence is continuous intake of air in lungs. Any disease causing difficulty of breath introduces essential discomfort in our life. The congenital or acquired curvature of a nasal partition not only prevents to supply correctly an organism with oxygen, but also leads to various negative consequences.
Treatment by phytotherapy
Лечение фитотерапиейTravolecheniye is the most ancient type of doctoring the effect from which and in certain cases surpasses today drug treatment. Many generations of herbalists experiment removal of new dosage forms which will be able to cure the patient without risk for health. However phytotherapy demands a certain knowledge about which we will talk in this article.
Allergy at babies
Аллергия у грудных детейDistribution of allergic reactions did not avoid also babies, after all every fifth baby suffers from such unpleasant illness. External symptoms at early age are very similar to manifestations of other skin diseases, and many parents count that the illness will pass in itself. However it is, actually, rare when the allergy can pass for ever.
Allergy to dust
Аллергия на пыльIn recent years the allergy to dust was widely adopted – such reaction is given out by a human body on the "house dust" which is present at any room so-called. The allergy to dust in the same way, as well as on other allergens irritants is shown: the person tests an indisposition, eyes water, there is a cold and sneezing.
How to clean vessels
Как почистить сосудыVessels of the person – one of the thinnest and vulnerable bodies. At the wrong way of life and some diseases and simply with age they can be killed, and blood on them will pass hardly and all organism will already suffer from it. Therefore it is important to watch their state and in time to clear.
Asthma attacks
Приступы удушьяUnfortunately, asthma most often is a harbinger of the serious disease or result which is already existing. It can appear at any time and at visually healthy, quite young man. The attack is followed by fear of death, a panic, confusion. Today we will talk about symptomatology, the reasons and first aid at asthma.
Treatment of kleptomania
Лечение клептомании"Do not take the stranger! Theft – a grave sin", - was inspired in us since the childhood by parents. In a civilized society is not present and there cannot be a justification to this act. However, the medicine nevertheless does an exception for some people. A name to them – kleptomaniacs.
What is the endorphins
Что такое эндорфиныEndorfinny system – very important component of a human body. Exactly thanks to "a pleasure hormone" our brain is capable to react to external irritants, to resist to stresses, to dull pain, but also, to show creative abilities.
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