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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Azz, instruction on application
Ацц, инструкция по применениюVery often cough happens the satellite of cold, ORZ, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases. All of us know that cough is a protective reflex of our organism. At inflammations in airways, a bronchial tree, lungs the dense phlegm is formed and accumulates. Its organism perceives in this case as an alien body.
Persen, instruction on application
Персен, инструкция по применениюUnfortunately, life is filled not only joyful events. Happen in it and sorrow, trouble, troubles, such moments when the person needs to get it together and to calm down. It is necessary to resort to the help of sedatives.
Glycine, instruction on application
Глицин, инструкция по применениюSession is a stress for any student even if he studies well. Among students there is an opinion that if to accept before offsets, examinations of a tablet of Glycine, will be quiet, as a boa or an elephant. In any case, pupils so speak of a preparation.
Terafleks, instruction on application
Терафлекс, инструкция по применениюVery often happens so that because of constants, everyday heavy loads of joints, at their chronic inflammations, at severe injuries the cartilaginous tissue surrounding joints becomes thinner or begins its destruction. Excess weight and age too play not the last role.
Alflutop, instruction on application
Алфлутоп, инструкция по применениюVery often diseases of joints conduct to disability, deprive of the person of opportunity to lead active lifestyle, limit motive functions. Therefore it is very important to begin treatment in time, without postponing everything because of big load work, household chores.
Tantum Verde, instruction
Тантум Верде, инструкцияMedicine under the name "Tantum Verde" appeared in the Russian drugstores not so long ago. And here in Italy where this means is made, it is appointed many years and well proved. For the last year Italians got more than a million packages.
Bioparox, instruction on application
Биопарокс, инструкция по применениюWhen in a throat pain, from a nose flows, difficultly to breathe, the mood spoils. Unpleasant it is symptoms. In a cold season people often catch pharyngitis, quinsy, rhinitis or sinusitis. That in shop sweated in winter clothes, and then jumped out on cold and a wind. That wet feet were had, overcooled … Many prefer to take in a drugstore spray for a throat or a nose. But there is a lot of – what to buy them?
Application of preparation ASD fraction 2
Применение препарата АСД фракция 2Experimental Dorogov's antiseptics stimulators is a product of chemical distillation of a myasokostny flour of animals which appeared very effective remedy in fight against many diseases.
Candles Betadin
Свечи БетадинNow different dosage forms are applied to treatment of diseases of women's sexual system: tablets, solutions, vaginal creams, candles (other their name – suppositories). If it is possible to eliminate an inflammation, using local influence, it is expedient to resort to vaginal suppositories.
Application of eye drops
Применение глазных капельUnfavourable statistical data show in recent years that at many people sight promptly worsens. Earlier such problems arose at people at advanced age, and now even school students even more often ask in ophthalmologic clinics for the help. Partly, in it there is also our fault – very big loadings give to an organ of vision.
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