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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Gestoz of pregnant women
Гестоз  беременныхAt most of women toxicosis safely passes by 15th week of pregnancy, practically without leaving consequences. But there is also another, heavier and dangerous both for the pregnant woman, and for a fruit, a form – gestoz. Developing in the second half of pregnancy, gestoz breaks physiological course of processes of food, growth and development of a fruit.
Early toxicosis of pregnant women
Ранний токсикоз беременныхThe toxicosis accompanying such joyful expectation of the birth of the kid is represented to us almost inevitable. Women screw up the face, remembering morning nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and doctors observe them more attentively. Whether this state is so harmless and than it can turn back for future mother and her kid, and we want to tell our readers.
Cesarean section
Кесарево сечениеSometimes in addition before pregnancy or during her doctors tell to the woman that Cesarean section – the only opportunity for it to give rise. In similar cases future mother should not panic, and to rely on competent opinion of physicians because she is often not capable to estimate adequately own state of health and possible risk for the child.
КлимаксThe climax is the physiological process happening in an organism of each woman at a certain age. At all it comes at different age, thus proceeds with absolutely different symptoms. And if in advance to prepare an organism for approach of a climax, it is possible to facilitate syndromes and it is easy to transfer it.
How to keep a figure during pregnancy
Как сохранить фигуру во время беременностиEach woman asks a question: Whether "I will grow plump during pregnancy, whether I will be able to keep a figure within norm?". Sometimes these fears arise on the example of girlfriends and acquaintances, but thus is held back that having become pregnant, they began to feed diligently themselves both the kid with allegedly necessary vitamins and minerals, being guided by false feeling of hunger.
How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy
Как не набрать лишний вес во время беременностиMany women are afraid for the figure at thought of possible pregnancy. Really, at pregnancy weight is partly gained because of a hormonal background, special for this state. But the matter is that this weight is insignificant – 2-3 kg. Nevertheless, the period of incubation of a fruit is very important time in sense of healthy nutrition. Important, first of all, for the kid.
The planned pregnancy after 35 years
Запланированная беременность после 35 летMore and more women give birth to children far for thirty and even after forty years. It is quite explainable. In thirty five woman already precisely knows, why she gives birth to the child, on what means him will raise and as it will bring up the child. And emotional readiness for this important step 10 times more, than at twenty-year age.
House childbirth
Домашние родыRecently natural childbirth wins more and more female hearts. Stories of the skilled mothers who passed through house childbirth bewitch the beauty, and there are a wish to be influenced by this miracle of the birth by all means. We suggest you to look at a problem of house childbirth from the different parties and to understand, whether everything is valid as in the fairy tale or and there are reefs?
Childbirth without pain, epiduralny anesthesia
Роды без боли, эпидуральная анестезияEpiduralny anesthesia – an excellent way to clean pain during fights and a rodorazresheniye. As well as the majority of invasive treatments, at this procedure has shortcomings and advantages. Before signing a consent to its carrying out, it is important that you realized the risks connected with epiduralny anesthesia and all discussed with your relatives.
The milkwoman during pregnancy
Молочница во время беременностиDuring pregnancy the woman so worries for the kid that tries to prevent any disease. And what her surprise when, apparently, unexpectedly there are curdled allocations happens, the itch starts disturbing. Milkwoman. We suggest to understand, how dangerously this disease and about what has to tell this symptom.
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