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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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As it is correct to choose a diet
Как правильно выбрать диетуToday there is a mass of ways to grow thin, a set of diets, but not each of them yields results. Why so occurs? It is necessary to realize that an organism of each person – the separate Universe and correctly to pick up a diet, it is necessary to approach this question with all gravity. So, let's understand this question in details.
СыроедениеThe rawism is a special power supply system which means that the diet consists only of the products which did not pass heat treatment. The speech does not go only about crude vegetables and fruit. The rawism allows the use of dried fruit, germinated grain, dried meat and fish, milk, eggs, seafood.
Weight loss on system minus 60
Похудение по системе минус 60To grow thin before a beach season – dream of any woman. One needs to dump some kilograms, another – some tens. Both that, and to another we recommend weight loss on system "minus 60". Frankly speaking, even a diet it to call difficult. It is the real system of healthy food. Ekaterina Miromanova who on the personal example proved effect of system invented it.
Vegetable diets for weight loss
Овощные диеты для похудения What only diets are not thought out for the women wishing to get rid of extra kilos. In the list of the diets existing at the moment it is possible to find rice diets, fast diets, kefiric diets, apple diets and others. Not the last place in this list is taken also by vegetable monodiets, among which carrot, potato and cucumber diets.
Grapefruit for weight loss
Грейпфрут для похуденияThe spring begins, and all stronger are felt problems which did not look so tragically in the winter. Excess weight, an orange crust on hips and buttocks, the reduced immunity and apathy. And after all it is possible to get rid of all this by means of only one fruit! Also it is about banal grapefruit which can be found on counters practically of any shop.
Exotic diets for weight loss
Экзотические диеты для похуденияNot the last place in a diet is taken by its structure as far as it is acceptable on tastes and on medical indications. I want to acquaint readers with kinds of exotic monodiets, namely, with a banana diet for weight loss, grapefruit and pineapple. Such diets not only are useful and effective, but also are very pleasant on flavoring feelings.
Dyukan's diet: is to grow thin
Диета Дюкана: есть, чтобы похудетьThe weight loss method developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan surely wins Russia. Perhaps, for this purpose there are all bases. Perhaps, the similar success is caused by the approach of the author to a problem of excess weight radically differing from the majority of popular diets. Weight often leaves even quicker, than the author promises.
Use of the dietary supplements (DS)
Использование биологически активных добавок (БАД)In the last two decades dietary supplements to food, or dietary supplement became an integral part of our life. Someone tries to be treated by them, someone on the contrary ignores them. Some on them earn huge fortunes, others spend for them the last money. Truth, as usual, somewhere in the middle. It is necessary to realize accurately that dietary supplement is not medicine.
Diet on the basis of calculation of calories
Диета на основе подсчета калорийIf you noticed at yourself tendency to corpulence, it is necessary to start considering calories. The diet based on calculation of calories is called as a diet only nominally. It not a temporary measure, but a way of life at which the woman learns to estimate the consumed food, proceeding from its caloric content to make a competent full-fledged diet and to watch power consumption.
Glycemic index, food across Montinyak
Гликемический индекс, питание по МонтиньякуThe glycemic index is the size showing extent of influence of the products eaten by the person on sugar level in its blood. This concept appeared relatively recently. In some years after that the subject of a glycemic index was picked up by the French nutritionist M. Montinyak who developed the theory of healthy nutrition.
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